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From the Sun website:


SFA boss in Savile twitter bust-up


Beast's victim blasts Regan






Published: 10 hrs ago


A SICKENED victim of Jimmy Savile last night slammed footie blazer Stewart Regan for comparing the Rangers saga to the scandal over the TV pervert.


The SFA chief executive’s shocking Twitter gaffe came after a fan asked him about the Ibrox spat between former club supremos Craig Whyte and Charles Green.


Regan, 49, bizarrely replied: “Over four decades, many people believed Jimmy Savile was a paedophile. Yet he still walked free. Actionable evidence was necessary to provide the proof.


“The same is true in any democratic judicial process.”


It sparked an immediate storm of online protest from stunned followers.


And Caroline Moore, 54 — molested by Savile as a helpless 13-year-old — branded Regan an insensitive “idiot”.


She said: “He’s a prat, an absolute idiot and should think before he says something.


“Nobody would say the Savile thing is anything like the same as a row at a football club.”


Wheelchair-bound Caroline, of Paisley, was attacked by Savile in 1971 at Stoke Mandeville Hospital, Bucks, following an operation to fuse her spine.


And she is furious that Regan used the monster’s name to debate sport. Caroline added: “He’s made himself look stupid and I would imagine he’ll regret it.”


Twitter users were also horrified, and one message from ‘Sharpie’ simply read: “Embarrassing.” Liz Corkhill also slammed him for “pursuing that tasteless analogy.”


Former Top of the Pops host Savile was exposed as a serial sex predator following his death, aged 84, in October 2011.


Last night, the SFA refused to comment on the Regan row.


But it’s not the first time the footie chief has had problems with Twitter.


Regan called in cops and closed his account in July 2012 after it was flooded with abusive comments.


These related to his handling of league reconstruction and the financial collapse of Rangers.


At the time, he said: “When you get threatening messages on Twitter and you get emails and letters that are uncomfortable, you have to listen seriously to what the police are saying.”


Whyte and Green were infamously locked in a battle over the ownership of Rangers. Yorkshireman Green claimed he duped his rival to get his hands on the club.


Former brewing executive Regan replaced Gordon Smith at the SFA in 2010.

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Regan is Liewell's puppet at the SFA just as Dumbcaster is Liewell's puppet at the SPL, sorry SPFL. To remove him would require taking on Liewell too and scottish club chairmen haven't the balls for that. They're a weak, subservient bunch only too happy to please their leader as scottish football lies in the gutter with little hope of getting out of it

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You may say I'm leaping to conclusions here...but I don't think he likes us very much.


Regan is Liewell's buddy from their days at coors together. He does what Liewell tells him.

When our new CEO gets appointed he/she must make a top priority the removal of Regan. Dumbcaster too

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