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Scotland's claim to be fighting the cancer of sectarianism and hatred took a severe dent at the weekend. Perhaps sadly, the decision not to hold a one minute silence prior to the Ross County vs Celtic match, came as no surprise to many of us.


Its embarrassing, unedifying and sickening to hear a one minute silence being disrupted and dishonoured. But there is something worse, far worse in fact - not holding such a ceremony at all. Because in failing to do so we have acquiesced to the morons, the bigots - we have handed them victory on a plate.


Let the moronic and shameful actions of bigots within the Celtic support shame all the devils in hell - rather that than our country is forced to fail to remember the fallen whose sacrifice ensured our freedom from evil and tyranny.


This morning I wrote to Ross County asking for an explanation into such an omission on Saturday and in particular who made the decision to dispense with the one minute silence - was it from someone in the club or from outside the club? The Ross County support have previously made their club aware of the importance of Remembrance Day and its significance within their support.




Furthermore this is an issue which must ascend Old Firm rivalry and the often tit for tat churlish and pedantic tribalism. It is time for the Scottish press and media to stop avoiding the issue and to speak out - ignoring it will not make it go away.


It is untenable and unacceptable that men who laid down their lives in order to defeat that which is unacceptable cannot themselves be remembered and honoured due to the actions and behaviour of some in our society which is in itself – wholly unacceptable.

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Over the past decade, I think it's increasingly been becoming the norm for things like this to happen. Ross County probably weighed up the pros and cons and decided it was better to just avoid the inevitable trouble and embarrassment the yahoos would cause them, but no matter what their decision had been either way, Ross County couldn't really win with this. Almost every club in the league must now dread the thought of being given a Remembrance Day (weekend) fixture against them.

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Complaining about this will only have the mHedia will put it down to Rangers fans point scoring,as the BHEASTS themselves do,where as everybody knows that this was done deliberately as the BHEASTS could not be trusted to stay silent and in fact would have disrupted any silence,as they have done previously,and Lieswell couldn't afford the same embarrassment again in the wake of the battle of Dam square!. It's simply a cover up,shame on all who allowed this.

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We muted sound of Celtic fans' chanting during minute's silence, admit Sky

9 Nov 2009 00:00


SKY TV muted the sound of chanting during the minute's silence for Remembrance Day at the Falkirk v Celtic match yesterday.


SKY TV muted the sound of chanting during the minute's silence for Remembrance Day at the Falkirk v Celtic match yesterday.


Tv company bosses admitted sound levels were brought to a minimum to cover up the sound of chants from outside the ground.


Outside the stadium, at the corner between the two stands where Celtic fans were watching the game, around 40 people sang republican songs during the tribute to the fallen.


Celtic chief executive Peter Lawwell was seen shaking his head at one point during the minute's silence.


The crowd disruption was audible on radio coverage and was later also revealed on additional footage posted on video-sharing website YouTube.


A Sky insider said: "Our sound technicians at all the games we cover have the ability to mute any chants or songs which could cause offence.


"That was clearly the case here - although the silence was observed by the vast majority of all the fans inside the ground."


The home side had rejected the idea of holding a minute's applause instead of a silence.


The demonstrators outside the ground were massively outnumbered by around 300 Celtic fans who were still queueing to get into the match at kick-off time.


Some of the genuine latecomers protested to newsmen that they were not part of any demonstration, and urged the youngsters to be quiet.


Last year, a small minority of Celtic fans linked to the "Green Brigade" protested over the club's decision to incorporate a poppy on their kit for the match against Motherwell.


At the next home match against Kilmarnock, some fans known to have links to this group were ejected by club stewards - although Celtic said the action was not a direct reaction to the poppy protest.


Police insiders, however, said the protest and the ejections of the fans were linked.



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