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What do you get if you compare history (Struth's wisdom) compared to recent events? We've all read his poetic statements and indeed, celebrated them as our virtues. So, have we (we as in fans and past or present players/owners/incumbents) lived up to the virtues passed down to us?


For what it's worth, I'm not sure we are even close, few can say yes but most of us are ungrateful to what Struth's built nevermind the Gallant Pioneers. I include myself in the not living up to standards category. As much as I find the comedy of wannabes amusing, the reality is toe curling cringey.


Perhaps those bears vying to live by the real traditions are lost. As a support we are lost at present. The debate is poor; little substance and full of hyperbole which is designed to embarrass the opponent.


Opponent. When did such a description ever be relevant to fellow Rangers fans?


The truth really is the first victim of war.


Struth: the great man let down by the SDM tenure and its generation.

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To augment my post:


When did we start celebrating death? The rejoicing I witnessed last night and this morning over McConville was disturbing. A cunt of a man with serous issues, but FFS, celebrating heart attacks? If TRS can really push the boundaries of a better and engaged support, then educate bears all over again. In fact, Struth alludes to such a fact in the above statement.

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