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SOS-In reply to Wllhelm, who I believe is a co founder of VB

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Sons of Struth@SonsofStruth22m

In reply to Wllhelm, who I believe is a co founder of VB, who has been asking many questions re SoS on a forum I... http://fb.me/1snCcZpH6



In reply to Wllhelm, who I believe is a co founder of VB, who has been asking many questions re SoS on a forum I am unable to access (RM)


First, could you please refrain from calling our group rebels, I am sure you would be offended to be named in such a context.


We are a totally independent group played by no one from the back. Our 3 aims, Ibrox never to be sold, no hidden items in accounts and a clean board came out before we were even aware of the requisisionist movement and will remain in place regardless of who holds power in Ibrox, a point I made even to Jim McColl when he introduced me to Nacho Novo before the recent fans meeting. He introduced me as " the guy from sons of Struth who has been organising protests against the current board" I answered along the lines of " and yes Mr McColl and would do so again should the guys you wish on board done anything wrong"


You ask if I am in contact with Paul Murray. I have met him on 3 occasions, once at the meeting at clyde blowers months ago that we made a statement about, I met him for a short time whilst he and Malclom Murray done their interviews for our protest video and I met him briefly before and after the fans meeting a fortnight ago


I have called Paul on a couple of occasions for example when a blog stated incorrectly that the nominees planned to sell and leaseback Ibrox and as this is totally against one of our three main aims then I felt it necessary to contact him for clarification. The recently published Rangers Constitution obviously proved he told me the truth during this heated conversation.


I take no instruction from him or any other nominees to clarify your view


You ask I don't reveal who I am but just want clarification that Murray is not part of group and we do what we do on our own with other fans backing


I hid behind no false names, my name is Craig Houston and our group is made up of many fans unaffiliated mostly but does include members of TBO, TRS, UB, RST and both RSA plus great support form Baillieston True Blues


The trip to London was paid for by me, I got the first train down and sleeper return that night at a cost of approx. £160, no hotel required. As for banners they have came from 3 sources, TBO & UB's have provided many FOC, Andy Smillie has provided money for several more and another independent fan who is not a nominee has paid for the ones your guys like to refer to as the pishy bedsheet ones. The Baillieston True Blues have provided funds for the advertising van that we had. If I have missed any expenses I am happy to reply in another piece.


As you claim at the end of your piece the rangers fans deserve to know then may I ask for transparency from your group?


The group you co founded met Brian Stockbridge and Jim Hannah from Rangers and claimed at the time you would make public the findings of this meeting once your group had the opportunity to ask questions to the nominees. I know many of your group attended the fans meeting last week and now for the benefit of these same Rangers fans I believe for transparency you should now make the details of this meeting public, purely for the benefit of the same Rangers fans you wished transparency from our group


For Rangers



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