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Comes across as RM promoting an agenda and no one buying it. Only time I see people like j1mgg is to promote this agenda.


I guess like many, to me it makes him and RM appear compromised and biased and therefore I won't buy it even if they may be making some valid points. At pains to tell people how they only deal in facts and then don't.


Just my opinion.

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You tend to say a lot about Boss and his figures, you never produce your oft threatened rebuttals.


I have no access to rm but its a fact that boss insisted the bank were not running rangers. He was wrong of course but its still a fact.


Perhaps he has realised his error or perhaps he is just believing what suits his current view. You would need to take that up with him. Either way we cant really take anything he says now on the subject to seriously.

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Saying all that, the major reasons for the debt reduction were due to events on the pitch and didn't have a great deal to do with a non-exec director. I'm sure he had a bit to do with overall strategy but day-to-day cost control would have been more Bain's area, or possibly Muir's.


It's probably difficult for Murray to explain what influence he did have as these things tend to be intangible. I don't have a huge idea as to whether he would make a good, bad or indifferent director of the club and I'm sure virtually all others won't either, despite the claims of support or rejection. Some will point to his record but he has specific areas of expertise and the day-to-day running of a business isn't one of them. These things aren't black and white.


The reason why I voted against him is that he is now seen as divisive. That's perhaps a bit unfair on him, but he's had other opportunities and failed and that's a consequence.

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This campaign against Paul Murray is absolutely disgusting and wholly embarrassing. It's went way beyond a witch hunt now, it's poisonous and pathetic.


Campaign against Paul Murray?! Really?!


There's a campaign going on to try and influence the AGM and Paul Murray aint the one who's being targeted.

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