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I have watched a ridiculous amount of mainly American TV. Here is a list of the decent shows I have seen:


24 (season 1 and 2, 3 was ok)

Arrested Development

Bates Motel

Black Mirror

Boardwalk Empire

Breaking Bad




Curb Your Enthusiasm





Game of Thrones

Green Wing


Heroes (season 1)


I'm Alan Partridge


It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia





Misfits (series 1 and 2)

Orange is the New Black


Parks and Recreation

Peep Show

Prison Break (season 1)





Skins (series 1 and 2)


South Park


The Booth at the End

The Killing (season 1 was great, 2 was terrible, 3 was quite good)

The Mighty Boosh

The Office (US and UK, final season of the US one was dire)

The Returned

The Shield

The Walking Dead

The Wire

X Files

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Thought I'd join in and grade what I've been watching...


Netflix makes me watch far too much TV especially in bed on a tablet, and most of them are addictive.



Breaking bad 9.5/10

House 9/10

Orange is the new black 8.5/10

Modern Family 8.5/10

Dexter 8.5/10

Family Guy 8/10

Arrested develepment 8/10

South Park 8/10

House of cards 7/10 (only watched about 5 episodes but find it hard going)

It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia 5/10 (only watched first two episodes so may get better)

The Wire 5/10 (watched about 6 episodes before giving up, not my cup of tea)

Sons of Anarchy 2/10 (only watched first episode and didn't like it)


Lilyhammer 7/10 (watched first 4 episodes and will probably continue)



The Wrong Mans 8.5/10

Bluestone 42 8/10

The IT crowd 8/10

Lost in Austen 7.5/10

Peep show 7.5/10

Red Dwarf 7.5/10

Sherlock 6/10 (only seen one episode so hopefully will get better)

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The Wire and The Shield for me, not that I have seen many of the others. Michael Chiklis played one bad dude as the baldy corrupt cop; but highly believable and so was Walton Goggins as his sidekick. Forrest Whittaker was equally scary.


The Shield was immense it was great how they told the story where in the beginning you were kinda rooting for Vic but by the end you hated him.


I may have to rewatch it again soon :-)

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I enjoyed Homeland felt for Brody in the end


Not sure where they can take it now but will continue with it for the timebeing


The new season of Homeland is still compelling watching (there is an episode which is very, very boring though....). They have a new twist on Brody which is pretty interesting too.


We have US TV over here so it is mostly US TV I watch.


Thoroughly enjoying.....


Homeland - Thoroughly enjoyed watching the first 2 seasons. Season 3 gets off to a slower start but is starting to get interesting again (I am on episode 10).

Blacklist (James Spader plays Reddington masterfully... up for an Emmy award for it) - the only downside to this show is that the storyline is held together very thinly with everyone wondering the connection between Red & Lizzy - once we know that I am not sure what direction they can take

Dracula - Mrs made me watch it, I didnt have interest - but I actually enjoy it now.


That is it - I am seriously considering cancelling my cable subscription - at $100 a month it is a waste with how little we watch TV - and what we DO watch can be picked up on Huluplus, Netflix or downloads.

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Thought the third season of Homeland was pretty terrible all in all. The Brody part had no emotion whatsoever, we shouldn't be talking about that though in case of spoilers.


I've actually started watching True Blood. I really never wanted to watch this and hated the look of all these lame looking vampire shows but it's a HBO show with decent reviews so I gave it a whirl. It's not the greatest show of all time but I'm enjoying it so far. Good mix of comedy and interesting plot. I've heard it gets pretty terrible after season 1 though

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Thoroughly enjoying Line of Duty at the moment and also watched Accused, which is a really depressing but pretty excellent anthology type show that generally ends in despair.


Quite enjoying Fargo too at the moment. Still working my way through Deadwood and House of Cards.


Game of Thrones is the most excellent show of all time, I'm close to giving up on Hannibal and I'm still watching Bates Motel but it is basically just a cheap, poor imitation of the excellent Lost.

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