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Glad we hired another financial guy then. :(


Why not cut costs with the boardroom wasters first. It's the playing staff that bring the punters in. How many qualified accountants or whatever it is do we have on the board now. Absolute fucking joke.


What does Stockbridge "earn" in a year?

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what a farcical situation to be in less than 2 years before entering administration. How on earth did they not work out what budgets were required and make sure they remained within them. Over spending to bring in players to win the scottish lower leagues, i Could manage the money coming in and out of that club better.

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A well-placed source said: "The players were shocked when Jig outlined what was being asked for. They were asked for a simple yes or no to the demands - and the response was no. Many of the younger players couldn't afford to take a hit like that.


Interesting slant on it from the Record.


Perhaps the bigger earners will take a 20% cut to save the younger lads?

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Players are within their rights to refuse. Bit worrying that we even needed to ask though.


Of course they are, but are they wise and are they unselfish? I agree it's a big ask but lots of fans have had 10% pay cuts in the last year to stave off redundancies and cuts. I'm not sure if this is a good example, but sometimes it's wiser to think of the bigger picture.


It's all very well to stick to your contract but if it's ample and your employers can't pay all their bills then you have to give it some thought. The players not taking a cut could means it has to come from elsewhere and far lower paid staff on casual or part-time contracts, could lose their jobs, promising youngsters could find themselves looking for another club, and the worst case scenario is the company goes into administration and players contracts are cancelled.


They are entitled to refuse but they'd be better to do so after some proper thought.


The likes of Jig should have no problem with it. But in the end it's an exposé of Stockbridge's ineptitude.

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He is such an easy target, as much as i am against him, did he offer terms and sign off the contracts? Who allowed Ally to sign players on those huge contracts?

I'd take a hunch and say he had a pretty big say in the decisions relating to large salaries.

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They're obviously well within their rights to refuse, but it's pretty selfish of the players to refuse a 15% pay cut if Ally has just signed a new contract with a 50% pay cut. I'd love to know which players agreed and which players refused.


Clearly cuts need to be made throughout the Club, so the players refusing cuts will not go down well amongst the other staff if everyone gets asked to take cuts. The bottom line is that the Club needs to survive without another administration event, so if everyone needs to take cuts and some staff redundancies need to be made then everyone employed at the club needs to comply and take it on the chin.


Here's an article Gersnet published 9 months ago - http://www.gersnet.co.uk/index.php/latest-news/134-radical-fiscal-changes-required-who-s-got-the-stomach-for-it

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