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Tom English: Rangers flunked their finances

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Just the same, we shouldn't let strident extremist shrieks that we should behave like a third tier side deflect from the absolute need to get the house in order.


It would be easy to retreat into a defensive shell against media types but the basic message is fair enough, I think.

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Regardless if the league position etc....the non-playing wages needs reduced. The company as a whole needs streamlining. Processes need to be reviewed, and positions cut where appropriate. Hopefully this is what Wallace is doing at the moment....at the end we should have a sleeker company structure, that is more able to move the club forward.


We are regularly getting crowds of 40k+....how are backroom jobs going to change because we are back in the premiership??? They are not suddenly going to be inundated with masses of paperwork/invoices etc....


They probably won't now but had we we cut back on our way up then it would have been necessary to get an infrastructure back in place to handle top tier football.

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I'm not sure that's entirely correct, the Head of Business, Jacquie Gourlay lost her highly paid job (not sure about the exact timing in relation to the administration) and so far as I know was not replaced.


Currently the Ticket Centre are recruiting for 6 staff albeit on zero hours contracts.


Whilst I am sure that most of us would take the view that zero hours contracts are shamefull, perhaps we should think about employing some of the peripheral players on that basis?


I know but it basically is while some people did lose jobs most didn't and a lot of staff moved to the newco.


I agree with the contracts I sometimes wonder whether Jim McLean had the right idea. Not to say I agree with zero hour contracts like you say they are shameful

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