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From BBC website. Couple of statement in bold that gives his detractors more ammo.


Rangers: Ally McCoist defends squad's four-star hotel stay


Rangers manager Ally McCoist has defended the club's decision to book his squad into a four-star hotel before their win at Forfar.

The players stayed at the Carnoustie Hotel before Monday's League One game at Station Park.

"I can understand people questioning it," said the Rangers boss, whose club reported losses of £14.4m for the 13 months to July.

"But it's my job to give our players the best opportunity to perform."

It's my job as Rangers manager to give our players the best opportunity we can to perform

Rangers manager Ally McCoist

Chief executive Graham Wallace is aiming to reduce costs at the cash-strapped club and last week proposed a 15% wage cut for the playing staff, which they rejected.

McCoist, who recently accepted a 50% cut to his £825,000 salary with the League One leaders, backed his players' decision to reject the wage cut.

And he said the decision to stay at the hotel was simply a question of "preparing professionally".

"We are still Rangers Football Club and have always attempted to be as professional as we can," he said.

"That will never change as long as I'm manager.

"To give the players the opportunity to play as well as they can you have to prepare as well as you can. We will continue to do that until I'm told otherwise."

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With a ' Training Schedule' being posted in certain places, there seems to be a bit of a campaign being started.


Yep, blame McCoist and the players for our financial problems - that seems to be the new mantra from the spivs

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The alleged training document is totally as expected while not mentioning individual schedules such as physio, gym, masseur, science work for afternoons.


When I trained full-time for Dundee Utd (under Jim McLean 1990-1992) the first team would only train in the morning during most parts of the season depending on the match schedule. In the summer/pre-season, they would do afternoon work; usually in the gym or running. The winter usually involved more games so training was decreased as a result although some players would still be required to work themselves or with the reserves/youths depending on their fitness and/or squad position.


All this is nothing new and people really are making a mountain out of a molehill.

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