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Agreed. Interesting how much stuff is coming out which is designed to ensure the focus is on Ally and the players. Anyone might think its *another* tactic to deflect from board and off-field issues.


AMMS told us last week this would happen.

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Regardless of the source or the motivation, if it is genuine then the thought also occured to me that if lunch is at 12.30pm then the actual training session can't be much more than 1.75-2.00 hours max.


Also IF there is a separate afternoon tactics session, even if it is only once a week, why wouldn't it be on the schedule?

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it looks like a fair enough schedule to me for a team with 2 games in 5 days. the players also look pretty fit to me.


they were also in on christmas day for training.


With a game on Boxing Day they absolutely should have been.


I think you're letting your hatred of the boardroom cloud your judgement a bit

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