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Rewards and benefits the cry is no surrender.

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At this moment in time its my opinion that Ally isn't a great manager but thats not to say he won't become a great manager.


First of all there are circumstances outwith Ally's control that will impact on his abilities to build a team "Scouting" without doubt it is a disgrace that a club the size of Rangers does not have a scouting system, chief scout or any scout for that matter and it is an indictment on this board not Ally that we have been left with this scenario.


There will be fans that believe Ally or the backroom team should be out traveling the globe to find the next big talent to pull on that blue shirt and at the same time wave his magic wand and have a Barcelona freeflowing style Rangers team out on the park every week the thing is we are Rangers we have always been Rangers we are not Barcelona and just how is Ally to scout and put together an attractive free flowing football team with the short sited measures that were put in place by this board?.


Secondly on Ally's wages when Ally first took on the roll of Rangers assistant coach he had a very lucrative contract with a television company now we all know Ally is a "Bluenose" but do we really believe or expect a club legend or any high profile Rangers supporter to now work for the club for nothing or take a lesser wage for a job that certainly is a lot more time consuming " and without the rewards" than being a television pundit?


lets think about this for a minute in Ally's roll as a football pundit he would probably have been in Brazil this summer in a 5 star hotel all expences paid and picking up a huge wage at the end of his 4 weeks in the sun. I wonder what the club has in store for Ally this pre season maybe a trip along the road to saltcoats considering the cost cutting measures being muted i doubt it will be a trip to Brazil all expences paid.


I remember the day when an attack on a Rangers legend was an attack on us all it just wasn't an attack from within and the next time a lowlife sticks the boot in to the club try and remember we are the people the cry was no surrender.

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