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The silence of normally loud mouthed, so quick to condemn Scottish Press over the green and grey hordes attempt to get their homage to dead terrorists into the charts is deafening.


The cowardice displayed by the media mirrors the cowardice of the terrorists rather aptly.


Anyone for a helping of double standards?


*Please move this admin if not appropriate for here.

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on a day where we have the ira planting bombs on British soil we have the trollocs getting ira songs in the British charts.
We will soon end up back in a situation were people in the UK dying from injuries received from terrorist cowards will be roundly jeered as they lie in agony (just like Newry and others). The injured will be denied help as the haters impede the emergency services and the victims colleagues giving first aid (just like Newry and others). The haters will rejoice at the death of another innocent (just like Newry and others).


This is what awaits Scotland because as a society they are scared witless of tackling celtic (why?) and the hatred they and their "fans" foster.

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This is playing out exactly as expected.


FAC knew they have backing in the media via advice from friendly lawyers, MSPs and journalists. As such the publicity stunt has worked perfectly with little or no condemnation in Scotland.


The Establishment club indeed.

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