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I suppose that he is just mimicking Ill Phil and that we should not give too much credence to him. It is very unsettling though. Especially with no accounts published and Wallace, the repeated denier of administration, withdrawing from TV yesterday.


I guess the cub will have to deny it, yet again? Or.....

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Lets be clear on this he asked a Question and not made a statement. Sometimes there is no smoke without fire but other times there is smoke and mirrors.

To my way of reading it , it was more of a statement , he backed up the first bit with a statement .....

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Who is the big accounting cheese? Brendan O'Hoolihan, Chartered O'Ccountant?


Seriously, the situation is worrying. A second admin. will provide another round of troughs for the spivvery to gorge in. The question is whether there's enough to tide them over to a third event.


I've got a terrible feeling we're done for. A wounded lion brought down by hyenas. A lion of little brain, it has to be said. It should have mauled its keepers long ago.


And that's the end of melodrama for today. I'll be better tomorrow. Won't I?

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