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I don't think so I believe Green still does have a part of the fan base behind him.
Oh boy! I hope it is a tiny part.

Big mouth who promised us pie in the sky. Lined his and his pals very deep pockets. Then he skipped off to France to enjoy his not so "hard earned" loot. He has balls of brass, I'll give him that. Good riddance though, bloody chancer who got lucky. Looking back some of the BS he spouted and that was also believed is truly embarrassing.


I certainly won't miss his cringe-worthy rhetoric.

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Wonder why he's sticking his grubby head above the parapet......


Exactly what I was thinking TM.

If journalists sought him out, he could have said no, but why search out Green anyway?

However, my take is that he did the searching out, and that he's still behind us.

They're running scared and have brought out Brigadier Bullshit.

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Aye you as well.


I take it i'll need to wait for Dave to get in before seeing you at a game again? :(


his trust thing should allow me to get a season book. i could buy a ticket from frolan not rangers but i can't even do that its just bending the rules and rather immoral. i wont even take a free one now.


we can meet up at an away game or the dinner night.

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I didn't think it would be long before CG popped up.


Like SimplyTheBest I was Pro-Green for a while for the ay he was pitching for the club but it all went pear shaped with some of his comments. The bonuses and salaries since revealed have shown him to only be in it for a profit.

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