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Norwich and Cardiff are probably down, then its 1 from Fulham and Sunderland. Sunderland on a great run with a draw at City, win at Chelsea then stuffing Cardiff. But they have to go to Man Utd this weekend and Fulham could win at Stoke.


Got a soft spot for Fulham so hope they stay up.

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I'm hoping that the teams that sacked their managers, somewhat unfairly, go down. I know Sunderland sacked Di Canio but I think that was warranted, (or Villa).


Twasn't that long ago, there were 7 Glaswegian managers in the PL, now there's only 1 that I can think of and possibly none as they might get relegated or Lambert gets the bullet.


Changed days indeed.

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Bye bye Fulham and Cardiff. 2 teams who shouldn't have got rid of their managers. Shame for Fulham but Cardiff aren't a loss.


Sunderland on champions league form......


Get in City! Just don't want to see Liverpool win that league. Hoping for Chelsea to win today to put the pressure on them.

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You're right about the Lads. Six points at the Bridge and OT. Ha'way the Galacticos.


Reckon the league belongs to City. I expect Brendan Rodgers reads my posts so he'll be dancing in the streets of Bootle or wherever he lives when he sees my prediction. Only the eighth time I've changed my mind in the last fortnight.

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Hope Sunderland stay up. Can't see Norwich getting anything at Chelsea which would mean that, bar a monumental turn-round in Goal Diff. would effectively relegate Norwich.


Also hope there is another twist in the tail at the top. Would like to see Liverpool win for Hillsbrough and for Rodgers who, for a Tim, seems a top bloke and coach.


Not too bothered if City win it, they have been good to watch this season too, as well as Liverpool.

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