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Posted this on RM with no great response from anyone on committee either, so thought, why not try Gersnet.


I asked a fair question yesterday about the RFFF accounts and what their intentions was! I thought i would look into it as it did seem a responsible question.


Well, it was like hitting a brick wall, pass the parcel came to mind when asking guys who I thought would know something of the Funds, meetings, committee etc....Eventually i got through to one guy who asked me What i wanted to know, and also Why?


My simple question was Did the RFFF offer RIFC funds when they were looking at short term loan that eventually went to Laxey/Easdales as they must have enough in the bank to have covered this loan (imo). I can honestly say the reply was not straightforward and prompted me to ask " Did you ask them?" Silence.


All these calls for transparency should work both ways imo, so if anyone from RFFF reading my post can you explain to me.........


How much Funds are left in the account?


When is the next accounts due?


Do you still hold committee meetings?


What is the RFFF intentions with money left?


Did Graham Wallace ask you?


Did you offer RIFC money?


At the end of the day, we fans put a lot of money into this fund, and it is only right we have transparency also.

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The RFFF funds were collected for a specific purpose and therefore I doubt it would be possible for them to lend the cash to RIFC.


The cash was in an Assembly bank account so pehaps you could contacting them through their facebook page?

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This is what the RFFF is for:


'Money raised through the 'Fighting Fund' will go to the club's running costs.'


The OP is perfectly within his rights to be asking questions about this fund.



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I reckon the fund must have around half a million pounds in it.


Surely contributors should know exactly how much is in it?


Is there an up-to-date figure on this anywhere?


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1. Who are the people who are in charge of it?

2. How much is actually sitting there?

3. How much (if any) has been used?

4. What has it been used for?

5. What will it be used for in the future and who makes the decisions around this?

1/ Walter, Ally, A McCormick, R Roddie, J Riddell, J McKee, J Hannah, S Jardine, M Dingwall, T Green, R Spence, D McCutcheon, W Montgomery, J Macmillan.


2/ Roughly £520,000


3/ money spent on the fooballing debt to Dunfermline, pitch relaying, scouting network and successfully defending the championship titles.


4/ see 3 - different spends itemised and publicised but i dont have them to hand.


5/ To defend and protect the assets and well-being of the club and to undertake some vital functions which otherwise would not be done. Once it is decided the club is in stable position a large meeting of fans will be called on the same basis as previous ones to discuss the dispersment of funds.


found this on FF

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One answer i got back was the funds are there for future fight on EBT!!! then they will ask the fans what they want to do with it..


I thought LNS hit title stripping on the head!!!! or dont tell me they are waiting the UTT result? same conclusion imo, LNS said no advantage was gained.

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