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It’s taken me exactly a year but at long last I have managed to get my Spanish Property business off the ground and you can see the first property for sale here http://www.gspc.co.uk/property/217330/.


You can click on the View Schedule button at the top right to see the full particulars or quick click here http://media.gspc.co.uk/resources/property/00/00/16/58/30/schedule.pdf


As you will see the agents are listed as my solicitors, Low Beaton Richmond, in order to gain access to the GSPC site (and property paper); but I am the Spanish Agent. Contact me directly on alanspanishproperty@gmail.com


The Scottish owners purchased the property for €292,000 in 2007 and spent a further €35,000 on the Pool, Jacuzzi, Conservatory, Garden and Patio and storage area under the house.


So right now it’s available at a €100,000 discount.


Many commentators consider that the Spanish property market has already bottomed so now is a great time to grab a bargain especially with the Pound near a 12-month high against the Euro.


I will be glad to provide any more information that is required and would appreciate if you could forward the link to anyone who you think might be interested.

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I've been forced to get up with the times and am now HARRIS PROPERTY aka @AlanHarrisSpain on Twitter!


If you have a Twitter Account I would really appreciate if you could "Follow" or at least retweet the message about VILLA FOR SALE 35 minutes from Alicante airport to help me get it out there and get the business off the ground.


Many thanks for any help anyone can give me with this project.

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The price has been reduced to €219,000 approx £179,000 at current rate of exchange.


Anyone in a position to retweet


HARRIS PROPERTY ‏@AlanHarrisSpain Jun 10

JUST REDUCED €219,000/£179,000 VILLA 35 mins #Alicante airport. http://www.gspc.co.uk/property/217330/ … 3 bed/2 bath. Pool/Jacuzzi. pic.twitter.com/nS2JcZ0ILo


would be much appreciated.

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