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Not to discuss the quality of them all, but what kind of future do you think these guys will have now?


I have to say despite his problems, i still see Svennson turning it around and coming good, but he does need somone who knows the Scottish game in that back four beside him


Letizi can go tomorrow, i will drive him home myself


Sionko is another one who i would try to get shot of ..... just hasn't done anything for us


Clement im 50/50 over ... since PLG is his biggest fan, i wonder how long he will want to hang around, but despite some good performances at times, he has totally lacked the consistency, and i felt Hemdani played his role better before being moved to defence


Sebo ..... well, i'm actually 50/50 over this one too!!! (believe it or not!!) I would still like to see what would happen if he got a goal or two, although i'm not prepared to wait till 2020 to see that! :D


Some of the other fringe players he bought might find themselves still out in the cold too


So, views ..... what future for these guys?

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LL can go anytime

Clement *may offer* something if he can be coached to actually cross the halfway line and preactice shooting.

Sebo may actually benefit from coaching from McCoist (if he is to be part of the coaching staff) and IMO we'd struggle to sell him anyway

Svensson was coming onto a game but needs an experienved centre-half beside him

Sioko - again, IMO he has started to show what he is capable off and I would like to see him given an extended run in the team.


None of the fringe players that I have seen have looked any good to be honest. Papic is another player who looked decent but has either lost confidence or just doesn't want to be around here.


Cammy F

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Hard to say really.


I'd like to see Clement, Sebo and Svensen stay and Sionko given a chance to see what he can do. Similar to others feelings about Papac, I thought he looked really impressive to start with

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Give sebo a run in the reserve side and i can guarentee *sp that this lad will come good, clement i do like the look of, papic i think he'd be good as a center back, he could be the big jessie we need, sionko ????? hmm i did like the look of him during the world cup however he's failed to adapt to the scottish game just like kanchelskis *sp.


As you say poor wee Stanger and Ponroy (may still come good) and wee furman, why didn't we keep ashakodi.

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With the exception of Letizi (i doubt he will play ever again for us) im going to reserve judgement on PLG's signings and see how they play under the new management,whoever it may be.

Let's see if they can adapt to the scottish game better than they have done.

Im always optimistic when it comes to the Rangers... a bit too optimistic at times im afraid.

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