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The market appears more than happy with the published interim figures, surely the only opinion place that counts.[/quote


The market was happy with RBS, BoS and Enron ...remind me how they worked out. If the economic collapse of the past few years has taught us anything, it is that the market and reality are usually poles apart.


Didn't you get banned the last time you were here? Pretty sure I recognise the posting style.

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The board are inherently responsible for commercial income etc. Surely you can accept that?


Yep. Now you tell me who out there was willing to do better deals with us in that area. I assume no-one on here has the answer to that (for obvious reason, but likewise does anyone actually expect that the board just sat there and let it all happen while doing nothing? At the end of the day, these chaps want their investement (no matter how large or little) increased, not diminished.


You say that it was highly unlikely that the income would increase. Why? Why would a year's further trading not give the board more opportunity to increase income? Why should it not at least stay the same as it was in the previous year?


It's 6 months of trading and you are correct. I tried to make reason why there was no increase, rather than do the simply stuff and blame the board no matter what. As I intimated above, sometimes you get the feeling that for some* the world rotates about Rangers and anything that does not look good is always our fault (be it board, club, or manager). That's not how it works.


*And that is just a general remark not aimed at you.

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