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checkmate suggests he has won.


but lets be honest this board would rather see us struggle than see their shares diluted.


my guess is it will take years and a serious boycott to shift them and get king the chance to invest.


Totally disagree. Unless this '120 day business review' produces something extraordinary then I think it's time up for this board. And so far they've shown little indication they have anything of the sort. Watch Wallace over the next month. Will he jump ship and side with DK?

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Fair enough. Wallace has basically 30 days to welcome King aboard then, or face the wrath. It may look like King has got them checkmated, but it wouldn't be the first time this mob have just scattered the chess board, and said they're no playing. Whether the support will forgive them this time is another matter.


On topic, I don't see the two options as mutually exclusive. With proper investment, Ally will be able to buy a better quality of player, not that it will silence his majority of critics. I think people forget that it takes 2 teams to make an entertaining game of football. If one team is packing their defence/midfield, and hacking anything that moves, even the best of coaches would struggle to make their style entertaining, especially when you consider the quality of player we have.


In fairness, it is not 100% of the time that McCoist packs his defence and has every one behind the ball. For one corner in the 2nd half yesterday, Nicky Clark was definitely outside our box.


But in the main you are correct and Arbroath can count themselves unlucky not to take at least a point. They got the ball behind our full 11 on the 6 yard line in the last minute yet managed to put it over the bar. Incredible.

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Totally disagree. Unless this '120 day business review' produces something extraordinary then I think it's time up for this board. And so far they've shown little indication they have anything of the sort. Watch Wallace over the next month. Will he jump ship and side with DK?


time was up for them a long time ago. but they will simply go nowhere and won't care what that does to us.

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Well my own opinion is that King' date=' as per Jackson's article last week, has indeed checkmated the current board.


Quite simply, irrespective of who is on the board, I cannot see anyway that such a free cash injection can be matched or more favourable revenue streams can be identified. It's simply impossible.


However I dont see Somer's comments as propaganda - more of a financial reality. Our club's survival is dependent on the revenue from season ticket sales, a fact also alluded to recently by one of the main proponents of the Season Ticket Trust Fund Scheme.


Im prepared to wait for the 120 days however - I think thats only sensible, particularly as the only realistic alternative - King - has also advised that.[/quote']


Regarding the Somers comments and the 'financial reality', it's completely condescending for them to tell us something we already know.


Not only that, but to compound the condescending attitude from this Chairman (and others on the board), it seems as though they've essentially tried to disguise the fact that the business is balancing on a VERY shaky peg anyway by pointing the finger at the disgruntled fans. It's an extremely easy and very obvious 'out' for yet another questionable regime in our Club's boardroom.

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it will be bluster and hot air designed to buy time.


they will claim all sorts and deliver nothing then when the pressure mounts they will sack wallace and beg for his replacement to be given time.


meanwhile nothing will change on iota.


Starting to think this is exactly how it will go down. It's amazing how they are still blaming previous board members, when it's the same shareholders that have voted them in. Our support is so passive and confused, that I can see us accepting Kings money walking away, and carrying on with the same pish. Expecting them to dilute their shares, and effectively hand over all their power to King, is like expecting turkeys to vote for Christmas. The season book trust scheme was the only power we had to effect change. Sadly, I don't see it getting the support it needs to be effective.


If King does walk away, the entire boards position is untenable, but like a cockroach, they will probably ride it out and survive. All bar the usual sacrificial lamb, maybe Wallace, but probably Somers will get the blame.

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My comment about Dave King being my last hope is nothing whatsoever to do with wanting "a rich man who is prepared to chuck a few pounds in our direction". He is my 'last hope' that a way can be found to get rid of a board who seem hell bent on staying put regardless and bleeding us dry. I also wanted the McCollco bid to succeed.

If Dave King fails to do it prey tell what "responsible adult approach" you reckon will make a blind bit of difference in getting change at a board level and what you would do to "make Rangers great again"?

I repeat - I see Dave King as our last hope. I certainly don't see fans "behaving like adults" changing much. Pie in the sky mate.


An institution like Rangers should never have to rely on one man to prop it up but we have allowed ourselves to be overtaken by this mindset.


We drone on about how great we are, how loyal we are and how unmatched we are as as fanbase, but when a crisis comes along, we try to seek out saviours instead of working constructively towards making Rangers safe and secure. Basically, we run from our problems instead of properly addressing them.


If Dave King becomes the new main man at Rangers, unless things change significantly, it could be an exercise in papering over the cracks.


In the long run, it will do more good if we sort out this mess by ourselves. Admittedly, we have too many fan groups, too many pet projects and a worrying amount of disharmony, but if the club is worth saving, and if we aren't capable of saving it ourselves, it will surely falter again in the future. The arrival of Dave King might provide us with temporary respite, but the underlying illness will still be present.


If the fans can't harmonise their efforts and work maturely and constructively to put Rangers on safe ground, we really have to ask ourselves if we deserve to have a club that has given us so much pleasure over so many years.

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