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I can only assume that you are deliberately misinterpreting my comments.


I didn't say that the Club is unable to trade as a going concern, what I said is that it seems to me that the Chairman was referring to those two gentlemen in particular and the organisations they represent as causing the present uncertainty.


However, perhaps you can place a different interpretation on the phrase "external comment and ill-informed opinion ".


I am certainly not an apologist for the current Board; but it is a fact that most of them were not in place whilst the IPO money etc was spent. It certainly isn't unaccounted, otherwise the accounts would be qualified. However, equally certainly it has not been explained in any detail and that has definitley led to distrust to say the least.


The fact that I support and a member of RF has nothing whatsover to do with Rangers Interim Accounts.


I replied to your post where you said:


The Chairman blamed "external comment and ill-informed opinion continues to create uncertainty with regard to future income and cash flows". "I would suggest to you that he was refering to the UoF and SoS, in particular Messrs Graham & Houston; and casting doubt on the Club's ability to trade as a going concern is exactly what they have done."


I will say it again, Craig Houston & Chris Graham have done no such thing. And as for the current board not being in place when the IPO money was spent, that is a joke. I said the custodians of the club, the same ones there now who orchestrated it all. The placemen they have in place doing their bidding makes little difference. Laxey, BPH & Margharita are doing a sterling job, as they have done for themselves all along. The puppet is as good as the puppet master and many are in office but have no power.


At least you have a bit of guidance here, going by past experience. You hounded a prospective hnw investor out who was trying to save us from the thieves and now you are doing your best with DK. I see a common theme. I tried very hard to break it down but then I attempted to tackle your foray into a position of power re fan ownership via the rst then looked at your RF ambitions now. So I just gave up.

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Good morning, FS.


For the last time; I did not do anything to John Bennett; he stated himself that he was never part of the Blue Knights "my name was released prematurely"; he came to Glasgow, saw the size of the task, realised that for the amount of his investment he would want to be a director, knew that that was inconsistent with his day job, decided not to be part of the Blue Knights; all before he spoke to me.


I'm quite content to let people read your threads on the matter and let them make their minds up for themselves.






One thing is beyond doubt you most certainly were not putting Rangers First.


Neither you nor I know if he ultimately invested any money.


Oh but we do for he is a shareholder and he signed the requisition.


The vast majority of people acknowledged that I did what I had to do from a professional point of view. I made the mistake of being open and honest and releasing the letters; but at the end of the day, he made his own decision.


See the reply after first quoted part,


Now will you give it a rest.


Probably not.


Thank you for agreeing that the proposed ST scheme is ridiculous.


Nice try but no cigar.

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