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Statement from NARSA regarding recent events involving the RFFF:



"The RFFF voted today that in the event of litigation against Craig Houston, arising from content on the Sons Of Struth Facebook page, a proposal to provide financial support will be taken to a general meeting of fans."



Below is the NARSA (North American Rangers Supporters Association) response to the above statement by the RFFF (Rangers Fans Fighting Fund) from Wednesday March 26, 2014.


NARSA hereby demands that the seven members of the RFFF who voted in favor of the motion to support the above proposal resign their positions on the RFFF Committee by Friday, April 4th. NARSA feels these seven persons have failed in their duty to use the funds in the manner befitting the original purpose or in the best interests of Rangers FC and the RFFF.


Should any of these seven individuals remain on the RFFF Committee by end of day Friday, April 4th, 2014, NARSA and its Member Clubs will demand the immediate return of all monies donated.


In addition, we propose that, as NARSA raised and donated funds in excess of $80,000 USD, we have official representation on the RFFF Committee going forward. Our representative would be the sitting President of NARSA, by default.

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I think that this proves how the RFFF committee got it totally wrong.


No matter whether we support Craig Houston or not, the RFFF funds should not be used in this manner. As I've said before, I lost confidence in them following the cash being used to pay Dunfermline, and on further reflection I do feel their positions are now untenable.

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It was only an agreement to take it to a fans vote.


You can't just demand the opposition resign every time a vote goes against you.


Nasra mind you deserve representation.


Members of an organisation cannot vote away it's own stated objective; that implies a new organisation or in this case a new fund with a different objective.


Well done NARSA.

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