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Rangers fans want the club to provide a facility by which they can pay extra monies to the club.


That is the overwhelming message I am hearing from supporters who want to counter any shortfall from season ticket boycotts next season.


Whilst the general perception is that any withholding of season ticket revenue will only actually be carried out by a small hardcore of rebels, loyal supporters are keen to make sure that there is no negative impact on club finances.


I already know of bears who intend to buy extra season tickets and many more who might not go that far are still motivated to pay an extra sum on top of their season ticket money.


In essence, fans want a fund set up whereby they can donate monies to the club. This would mean that when purchasing season tickets, they could donate an extra £25, £50 or £100 to the club.


Another possibility is that when supporters buy merchandise at the Megastore, they are given the facility to pay change towards the fund. Similarly, collection cans could be placed in the food kiosks for bluenoses to stick their change into after buying grub.


A donation button could be placed on the club website and events could be held by supporters club with the fund benefitting.


I have not spoken to one Rangers fan who is not excited by the prospect of being able to chip in and help the club.


This is not a begging bowl mentality by any manner of means – it is fans doing what they can to keep Rangers prosperous.


The fund could, of course, be ringfenced for the playing pool or specific projects. It would be easily accounted for in the club accounts and could be monitored by an independent body.


Far from it being a stopgap method to help the club through a difficult period, this fund could become an important method of non-equity financing over time. It also gives genuine supporters a chance to contribute to the club’s progress and gives them a say in the club’s destiny. If the money is used for the playing pool, it also helps fans feel good that the players they watch have been brought to the club partly by their own contributions.


I think another benefit would be to help unite the divided support and give a focus to bluenoses. It also helps fans become proactive in a positive way. Many fans want to help the club at this moment in time but feel they have no outlet.


At this critical point in history, the creation of a fund that fans can pay into purely for the benefit of Rangers Football Club is a great way to keep the wolf from the door and is another buffer against financial disaster.


All those people who keep telling us that being the fan of a football team is far more than just being a consumer now have the opportunity to put their money where their mouth is and prove their argument.


The principle is simple:


If you love your team, step up and pay!


Would you happily pay extra money to keep Rangers strong financially? If so, let me know in the Comments below or contact the club direct.



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Does it matter when we are talking about Merlin?


It is difficult to tell sometimes.


Let's play his game though: I'm sure many fans would like to contribute more money where possible but we've already seen the issues we have with one 'fighting fund' so I'm not sure another is workable or that people would want to buy in without the chance to ensure any extra investment delivers more of a say for fans.

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