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Thank you for volunteering to continue to be involved in the Rangers Ready to Listen Fan Engagement Initiative.


You told us you would like to have your say as to how the Club could and should shape Fan Engagement. Please find a link below to a short survey which could form the foundations of Fan Engagement. You will also be asked at the end of the survey if you would like to continue to be involved in developing this area through more in-depth research.


Your input into the questions outlined in this survey is invaluable in helping us to shape Fan Engagement at Rangers moving forward.


If you would like to continue to be involved in the development of the Rangers Ready to Listen Fan Engagement Initiative, please ensure you complete your contact details at the end of the survey in order for us to contact you.


Click here to start the Rangers Fan Engagement Survey.


Thank you again for your continued support for the Club.




To unsubscribe, please follow this link: Unsubscribe

The Rangers Football Club Ltd, registered in Scotland with number SC425159

registered office Ibrox Stadium, 150 Edmiston Drive, Glasgow, G51 2XD

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I'm in. Minted. Hope I get invited round for tea and forthright discussion


I'm there. I'm going to go for this.

I think the Board deserve me.

What happened to the scones GS?

That's possibly a substantial revenue stream for next season. I'll include it in my business plan.

How many can you bake on a Friday night?

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Can't be much interest if I got an email through 18 hours after you lot. Will play nice next time and look to get through. Agenda: get elected and turn on the wigs lol


You should have said:


A) The upstanding transport tycoons need to stay because they're fabulous guys and you also like their hair.


B) The Club does not need to have a share issue to get Dave King investing £30m and becoming the largest shareholder.


C) You think the board and people running the Club are doing a fantastic job and you'd like to shake their hands.


D) You like the general concept of gravy trains.


E) You don't have a snout, but you'd happily stick your head in the trough if given the chance.


F) If you can't get your head in the trough, could you please have some sand.

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