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DAVE KING tonight fired another attack on the Rangers board.


The South African businessman has declared war on the current Ibrox regime and has issued a strongly-worded statement again urging Rangers fans not to renew season tickets.


The statement reads:


I must respond to the Rangers board’s criticism of my appeal to withhold season ticket advances. This board continues its habit of evading issues by attacking the integrity of any individual or group that speaks out against them. I am happy to engage the board on our comparative integrity. Unlike this board, I do not regard integrity as a character attribute that comes with an ON/OFF switch.


When I met with the board the Chairman requested that, other than the two public statements that we made, the balance of our discussions would remain private. I agreed to that and, despite requests from fan groups to disclose the full details of my discussions, I steadfastly honoured my undertaking. This board did not do likewise. In an ill-judged attempt to discredit me, they have now disclosed my comment to them that I preferred not to put money into Rangers if it could be found from other sources. In this instance they demonstrated their lack of integrity for no advantage as I had already, as part of my frank discussions with the fan groups, advised them that I had no prime ambition to invest further in the club but will do so if no other investors come forward. I would be delighted if the club could thrive without any investment from me. This attempt at a “juicy” leak by the board merely proves that it is impossible to engage this board on a basis of confidentiality and integrity.


The board has now stated that it was always its intention to only provide the business review after season ticket advances had largely been paid. It has denied that it agreed that the business review would be made available prior to fans committing to season ticket advances even though I referred to this agreement in my public statement immediately after our meeting. At the time the board allowed my public statement, in toto, to go unchallenged. Presumably it had no concern with what I stated. Again, we have an integrity issue but fortunately have common sense as a referee. We know that the board did not challenge my public statement of last month. It is also common cause that the vital issue for the fans is to be told what ambition the owners have for the club and how this is going to be funded. It must be obvious that the fans need this information prior to investing - not after. The board’s new version lacks integrity even if it was believable.


Given that the board is quick to raise integrity and trust as key issues I would like to pose simple questions that are easy to reply to with a simple yes or no.


a) Does the board agree it is unfair to ask fans to buy season tickets before they consider the business review?


b) Does the board agree that, given the present financial position of the club, it is appropriate to provide Ibrox Park and Murray Park as security against season ticket advances?


c) Does the board agree that in the latter half of December 2013 it was in discussions to obtain finance that would be needed prior to the end of the current season?


d) Does the board agree that in the latter half of December 2013 it provided public assurances to the fans that the club had sufficient cash to last until the end of the current season?


Without satisfactory answers to these questions fans should not be expected to invest in season tickets.

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Put up or shut up Dave. Offer them a figure for a majority shareholding or walk away. Simple as that. I want you in charge, you want to be in charge, do it and stop messing around with press releases.


He said he has £30m for the club and a further £20m from other sources. How much of that would it take to become a majority shareholder, the main man calling the shots?


If he offers the board a decent enough figure and still they refuse then we will know their game. They clearly have no interest in Rangers or in football, their goals are strictly financial.


Dave you seem to be the only one interested in rescuing us so get your finger out and do something about it. The tit for tat crap is boring and getting us nowhere.

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Mr King, do you agree that:


  1. Fans do not normally rely on a business review when considering whether or not to buy a season ticket for the following season;

  2. Fans normally buy a season ticket on the basis of their loyalty to the Club;

  3. A season ticket is not an investment it is a payment for entry to Ibrox Stadium to watch Rangers play 18 times next season;

  4. Season ticket money cannot be "advanced"; it is either paid or it's not paid in full or subject to any instalment scheme established by the Club.

and can you confirm that:


You still prefer "not to put money into Rangers if it can be found from other sources."

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Something tells me that Dave King sees another admin event on the horizon.


Since it is "common cause" that lack of season ticket revenue will render the club not a going concern; and since Mr King is asking the fans to withhold ST money; the truth of what you say is self evident.


The big question is WHY.


I would suggest that this is a case of 2+2 very definitely equalling 4.

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