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Being said on FF and Twitter that VB met with the board the day after the UOF meeting. Somers and James Easdale also attended.

Why would the board meet with such a small unrepresentative group? As is being said on Twitter most supporters clubs have more members.

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Following recent dialogue, Admin representatives of Vanguard Bears, on Thursday 15th May, met with the Board of the Rangers PLC and Ltd companies; David Somers, Graham Wallace, Norman Crighton, James Easdale and Sandy Easdale, at Ibrox.


The purpose of the meeting was to begin a process of wider engagement between grassroots supporters, and Directors of the club. For Vanguard Bears this was an opportunity for us to express a number of concerns to the Directors about a variety of issues that the club is facing.


The meeting, which lasted a little under an hour and a half was frank, informative and open.


A number of questions were asked and the Board have given a commitment to review and feedback on them. These will be available in the first instance on our forum, and thereafter on our website front page for all supporters to form their own opinion.


For the avoidance of doubt, Vanguard Bears are committed to holding Directors and prospective officials to the highest levels of scrutiny, and we hope that this engagement can be a basis for progress for everyone with the well-being of Rangers at heart.




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VB have actually remained quite neutral on all this


Not the ones i have saw on RM or Twitter mate. Some of their language aimed at anyone who dare question the board is disgusting. Could be wannabees/ hangers on right enough claiming to be VB.

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