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Still waiting to clear the backlog of cases where Craig Whyte promised court action.


Same modus operandi. Hmm. :D


Lawyer who enjoys his courtime, is told to return the call of a Rangers director who wants a threat of legal action for defamation to be posted to X: "Aw FFS, no again ! Annie, just send the sameone as the last time but remember to change the names."

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And what do you propose to do with these owners who are largely unknown ? Take their shares off them ? Remove their voting rights?

FWIW I have concerns about the board too but I suspect for totally different reasons from you. I want to hear their plans to restore Rangers back to the top of Scottish football and back into Europe at the earliest opportunity. I've heard nothing yet.

As for board member with allegiances to other clubs does that matter if they do a better job than so-called Rangers men such as Paul Murray who seems to think he has the right to be a Rangers director.

We have a team manager who is Rangers man but is pretty hopeless as far as aim concerned. players too past and present

I don't care who board members support so long as they do a good job. The current lot don't fit said remit.

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