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"Sources close to RFC board"


Sounds to me like leaking a number that is probably not accurate (ie.overstated) by a method that the board can shrug their shoulders and say "nothing to do with me Guv".

A method that we have been subjected to for years.

Slight change to "Ibrox Insider" or "Source close to the Club" etc.



If 20,000 ST's had been renewed do you not think the board would have announced it and taken advantage of the free publicity to push for more on the back of it ?


If a lot less than 20,000 STs' hadn't been renewed might you leak a number to the press in an effort to break the resolve of the middle apolitical rump of the support ?



Message to the board.........

Engage with the support with transparency and tell us how many ST's have been renewed officially,.................... we are sick of spin.

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Every shareholder should e-mail the club asking for confirmation or otherwise of this number.

Press speculation via "source close to the board" on a price sensitive issue (ST numbers currenly vital for business going forward) isn't the done thing in a normal business.

(of course it couldn't be S.Easdale/Toxic......................Mr.Lamont doorstepping big brother wouldn't do in this case)


Apparently in their rush to tell George Lethem the good news, they forgot to send the e-mail.

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