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I think England have the potential to get to the semi finals but can just see Hodgson being so negative and continuing playing out of form Rooney and players out of position therefore will go out in the group stages. England should let teams worry about them and play to their potential and strongest team with players who are in form.


Giving Rooney an automatic start means he switches off, and I agree with Scholes that he has peaked already. He would be better coming off the bench at a high impact level. Welbeck is a bizarre one, I don't know what anyone see's in him.


Sturridge is a must, and then let the other creative players go and play.


For me Id go with 1 of these teams:












Or start this against Italy:












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England have the worst side of my entire lifetime and have absolutely no hope whatsoever of getting past Uruguay and Italy.


Those sides you have listed would get tanked in the Europa League


Anything could happen between the match between Uruguay and Italy though and I don't think Uruguay are THAT good, they only just beat Northern Ireland 1-0 tonight.


England have failed to show up in the last 3 or 4 tournaments always fitting the big named players in and playing them out of position, having Scholes left midfield was shocking. They have had yes men to the FA in charge who play negative football since 2001 when Eriksson took over. Not since Venebles, Keegan and Hoddle had they someone in charge of going for it.


But in 2006 Germany went with a young attacking squad and have progressed every since and only not won anything because arguably the best side the world has produced has scooped- Spain.


That's why England should just let the hand brake off and go for it, they may surprise people. Yet Hodgson will play Rooney and Welbeck rotating in wide positions.

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do you want to put money on it Gribs ;)?


This is literally the worst English side I have ever seen.


No because I doubt they will get out the group due to Hodgson's tactics and the English mentality. If Redknapp or Venebles was in charge Id have a bet with you hands down. England have players but they never produce, that was what I said in the opening post, they have always had potential.


Where I think they will get to is different to where I think they can potentially get to. But for the first game against Italy Id say that's a banker draw.

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I think England will surprise many. Purely because I've never witnessed a more negative build up to a football tournament with regards to their chances.


I think for them to progress, they'll need to play the Liverpool lads and don't concern themselves too much about what the other team are capable of.


I genuinely think that a lot of people are under rating the Three Lions.

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Purely because I've never witnessed a more negative build up to a football tournament with regards to their chances.


don't concern themselves too much about what the other team are capable of.




2 points I fully agree on.


The other key points for England to do well.


• Balance in the team.

• Playing Form players ahead of reputations.

• Players in correct positions. Not having Lallana right and Welbeck left.

• Release the youth, don’t worry about the discipline side, that’s what 2 weeks get together in the build-up is for. Likes of Gerrard sitting behind youthful players will instruct them.

• England finally get a left sided player in form (Lallana) and they play him on the right to accommodate Welbeck on the left who is a striker. (v Peru)

• Hodgson has kept the public happy with naming young talent but he wont play them right. And that’s why they wont do well. I expect Milner and Lampard to feature more than Barkley.

• England always set up about opposition. Have a go for once.

• Always accommodate players – Lampard and Scholes in the past playing left side.

• Sturridge is the form striker so don't be scared to drop Rooney.

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I think if they want to get out of the group they will probably have to beat Italy in their first game.


I fancy Uruguay to beat England and for Italy and Uruguay to be happy with a draw in the last game if it qualifies them both.



However I'll probably be putting a tenner on the draw for Italy v England.

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