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I bought the third kit on the 1st of September. Very quickly the sponsor started peeling off, as it did for many others. I reported this to them in October, they said to return the item. However, I wasn't in any rush to do so, I didn't want another top, so I forgot about it for a while. In May I emailed them again asking them to confirm I can still send the top back. I was quite stunned to be told:


Unfortunately due to the amount of time that has now elapsed we would be unable to determine if this was a manufacturing defect


Kind Regards,


Christopher Parkin,

Customer Services


I have argued back and force regarding this because I am protected by the Sale of Goods Act and a 12 month manufacturer warranty but they are not budging. The warranty does not expire on some arbitrary date of their choosing.


They are ignoring me now. I've sent 4 separate emails citing the law, they sent 3 emails back repeating themselves and didn't reply to my last email. I don't care about the money but I do care about the principle, who should I report this to? I don't see much point in contacting the club.


I know I should have dealt with this at the time and just put it back, but as long as the item is within the warranty period, they have no right to just flat out refuse to even inspect it.


Here is the shirt in question, worn only a few times and costing £48.98 including delivery:


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Rejection must take place as soon as the defect manifests itself. You could say that you intimated an intention to reject when the shirt became a duffer but you didn't follow it up by sending it back there and then.


Keep on at them though. They might get fed up and give you a new one for the sake of peace.

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