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Nadal v Djokovic French Open Final

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Nadal has won 8 of the last 9 French Opens, is arguably the greatest of all time but isn't quite what he was. Should be a terrific match. I think Djokovic is stronger now but Nadal has the surface advantage. He absolutely destroyed Murray.


Nadal is an icon, redefined tennis bringing a strength based approach to the game that was all about power but equally backed up with phenomenal technique. He has been the Barcelona of the tennis world.

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Nadal is an awesome competitor but he hasn't done enough on other surfaces to go into the top drawer batch for me. He needs to win another Wimbledon, US and Aussie open before he goes into the greatest bracket. Im hoping he does it though because Im a big fan.


Djokovic is admirable also but I am not to keen on him, but what a machine he is.


I think it could go to 5 sets tonight which will mean a late one for me.

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Nadal annoys me with his ridiculous superstitions, including but not limited to, pulling thong out of arse, then rubbing the residual odour behind his ears, he doesn't stand on the white lines during points, he always needs to come out last on the court.…


Djokovic needs to win Roland Garos to complete his own Grand Slam and I'm hoping he does as Nadal winning in France has became very routine where he's won something ridiculous like 60 out of the last 61 Matches.


Don't think I'll manage to watch but I agree with Gribz when he hopes for a classic 5-setter.


I hope Djokovic wins 3-6, 6-7, 6-4, 7-6, 12-10.


Might stick 50p on that result.

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If Jock O'Vitch wins today he'll hold all 4 Grand Slam tournaments. I reckon he'll become the greatest ever as he can win on all surfaces on a regular basis unlike Federer who struggled on clay.


Todays match has a 5 setter written all over it.


Djokovic seems a decent guy too.

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