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Written by Andy Steel


As the globe gears up for the festival of football that is The World Cup, it's good to know that here in Scotland there are people who haven't taken their eye off what's really important. While the Coupe Mondiale deserves the capitalised definitive article, given its planet-bestriding presence, Scottish football's lower case lackeys show no sign of drying up.


For once, though, it isn't Rangers we have to thank for a distraction from minor events such as the biggest sporting event on earth; it's the breath-of-fresh-air that is dynastic scion and Corner Shop King, Dundee United's Steven Thompson.


For Bluenoses who feared that their club had cornered the market in dimwitted Chairmen and chief executives who pander to their support and are only marginally chastised by being exposed as liars or incompetents, Thompson's scenery chewing performances of late have been a blessed relief.


Exposed as fibbing about the SFA over Scottish Cup ticket allocations, he now insists said sad Glasgow club have only two years of history and so aren't due much compensation over the transfer of Charlie Telfer. Since his club's fans tend to tediously complain about Rangers and others economic lack of soul, such fairly blatant posturing to sell season tickets is interesting coming from this source: but then, bullshit has never been in short supply in Scotland.


Be that as it may, I would think most Rangers fans are 99.9% concerned at seeing decent youth players leave and, shall we say, 'experienced' names like Kenny Miller come in, added to the rather obvious panting of the Rangers board to get Dundee United (or anyone's) money to keep them going: feeble attempts at closed season advertising on Rangers back are likely some way down their list of worries. Thompson was wrong about tickets, he's wrong about Rangers, and that's about it.


I, however, am grateful that Mr Thompson has taken up the slack left by Charles Green as the game's go-to guy for guff. The horror of the unrelenting stream of cobblers coming out of Ibrox has been hard to take, and, the egregious balloon of pomposity that is Turnbull Hutton aside, few others in the game seemed willing to try to match it.


Then again, we should be careful. Who knows? While the world settles down to see if Brazil can win on home soil, perhaps Mr Thompson already has his application for Graham Wallace's job in the post...he seems 'Ready' to make the step up.



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Glad to see that I'm not the only one with a high opinion of Coupe Mondiale.


I had some similar thoughts earlier today about what the real problem is. The fact that young players are waking up to the fact that it may be better to learn your trade elsewhere should provide more cause for concern than any antagonism from Stephen Thompson.

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All the questions regards whether we're a new club or not have been answered by the relevant bodies and persons who have stated quite clearly that we are not a new club.

For starters the SPFL do not consider us a new club. Check their website. it states Rangers were founded in 1872 and lists all honours including 54 titles.

UEFA and the SFA do not recognise Rangers as a new club either. Check the UEFA website.

LNS in his dual contracts SPL inquiry stated we are not a new club. Neil Patey also.

So why do pond life like Thompson wish to perpetuate this lie ? It's something I simply cannot begin to understand but put it down to anti-rangers bigotry which seems acceptable to elements of Scottish society who are almost always the first to accuse Rangers supporters of the most trivial offences whilst overlooking their own actions to the extent they seem to think they are in some way acceptable.

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