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Commonwealth Games building works continue at Ibrox

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Colin Stewart ‏@RFC_Colin 3h

Every time I look out of my window another digger or portacabin has appeared




Colin Stewart ‏@RFC_Colin 2h

Broomloan car park being turned into a portacabin village. That's 7 and rising :)



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Commonwealth Games stuff?


On that note, another of Chuck's moonbeams was that Edmiston House, Albion car park, hotel and shops would all be in place for the games to show case Rangers. He said that whilst over here.

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Commonwealth Games stuff?


That's exactly what it'll be. There's a huge amount of work been getting done to extend the pitch. This article from a couple of weeks back explains a lot of it:




Friday, 30 May 2014 15:59

Pitch Work Continues For Games

Written by Neil Smith


THE work to get Ibrox Stadium ready for the Rugby Sevens at this summer’s Commonwealth Games continues at pace and on Monday the next phase will start with the pitch being extended at the Copland and Broomloan ends.


Once completed the new pitch for the Sevens competition – which will be held on July 26 and 27 – will stretch across to the advertising boards with the blue track at the front of both Stands completely covered.


Head Groundsman David Roxburgh is working closely with organisers to get the playing surface ready and it has thrown up more than a few challenges for him and his staff.


He told rangers.co.uk: “At the start of next week we need to come in and cover the blue track with boards at the two ends. A membrane then goes on top of the boards and we build the same profile as the current pitch up to the required level.


“We don’t seed it because we don’t have time for the grow-in for the Commonwealth Games so it will be turfed instead.


“That turf should be in the ground by June 14 and that will give it a grow-in period so it marries with the rest of the pitch.


“So everything is going to plan right now but we’ve still got a few hurdles to get over, it’s not just a case of extending the pitch.


"Irrigation needs to go in because we could have a dry summer and need to wet it. We also need to put drains in the extended areas because we could have a wet summer.


“You never quite know what you are going to get here in Scotland so there is a lot of work involved and the take-out will be the difficult bit as it has to come out quickly. We will then have to reshape the bankings once the turf and materials are taken away.


“The concrete blocks that hold up our goals also had to come out and they will need to be rebuilt again when the rugby is finished.


“The rugby posts go almost two metres into the ground and there will be 10 tonnes of concrete holding them up.


“The posts will sit on the current six-yard line because a football pitch is 105 metres long and the rugby pitch is only 100 metres long. They will also be shifted over by two metres towards the Govan Stand.


“The width of a rugby pitch is 70 metres and a football pitch is 68 so we couldn’t put a metre either side of our football pitch because of the sightline from the Club Deck.


“If we brought the pitch any closer to the Main Stand fans in the Club Deck would not be able to see part of the pitch so we had to move it two metres the other way.


“Due to timescales the concrete blocks that hold in place the rugby posts will have to stay there for the entire season and they will be 100mm below the surface which shouldn’t be a problem.


“But to deal with this situation we had to cut 32 pipes out from our undersoil heating, take them away, re-join them and run them across the top of the concrete.


“To take the blocks back out we will have to cut the pipes again and bring in a crane to lift them out. We can’t do that until next year because we don’t have time to do it before the start of the football season.


“So this has all added a lot more work for us but we are getting there and we’re confident the pitch will look fantastic for the Commonwealth Games.”


After the Rugby Sevens competition is finished Roxburgh and his team will move swiftly to get their pitch ready for the new football season.


He added: “We’ll still have the same pitch and what we have done this summer is our normal renovation work.


“This involves stripping the grass off the surface and taking away the top 25mm of rotten material.


“We replace that with 150 tonne of fresh material and we mix that all back in. We then re-level, reconsolidate and reseed the pitch with new grass.


“Out pitch has also got synthetic elastic in the profile. They developed a new process seven or eight years ago where they introduced Elastane into it, this is basically just small bands of elastic.


“It’s only three per cent but it makes the pitch that wee bit softer and it also protects the players. When a player goes in and his studs catch the pitch will move whereas other pitches would sit and the players could get injured.


“It also helps when we get small divots and wee marks. Within a few days those wee marks start to come back out a wee bit so it keeps the pitch open and free-draining. It also keeps it warmer which helps in our environment.”



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