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A bit strange this. On one side people talk about the "board" as if it was the same entity ever since Green, whereas the current board essentially is only working since December in earnest - Wallace, Nash et al. (And until otherwise proven, I take the puppetmaster as an urban legend.) Here though the EBT case which essentially sent us into the hands of Whyte, Green and Co.via Lloyds has nothing to do with our previous state? Well, well.


If you read it properly, I said that none of it has anything to do with the present situation.

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While agreeing with much of what you say, Hildy, when you say "fighting to take it back", how do you think that can be achieved? This is a genuine question and it is a question for which, I have no answer.

There is no easy answer, but opposing this regime is a start. Undermining it helps but it isn't a straightforward fight. We risk damaging ourselves as we attempt to stop the rot, but it's a risk that we must run because a slow and painful decline looks inevitable if the club remains in inappropriate hands.


I'm happy to back the RST to achieve fan ownership, but it would be useful if Dave King could be persuaded to help speed things along by using his wealth to buy the club and then sell it to the support. I would ask people not be cynical about this - it could be done.


And it really isn't that important if the current ownership makes a few quid. What is vitally important is getting Rangers back into safe and trusted hands. This should be the priority.


The UoF, if they have King's attention, should find out if he is prepared to spend money on buying the club rather than participating in a long and damaging campaign that, in the end, could have no winners.


The ultimate answer, the only credible answer if Rangers is to have secure ownership, is for the fans to own it - all of it. That's why I joined the RST years ago and why I am still a member today.


In the meantime, handing over a large sum of money to this regime - in advance of the season getting underway - is about as appealing as having teeth drawn. I'm ready for a peaceful confrontation to get this regime removed. I am not prepared to ignore this issue and hope for the best because the best Rangers will ever do with the wrong people in charge will be a long way short of what we have grown used to and expect.


The rot has set in. We really need to see this through now.

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Hildy is one of my favourite posters on here but the idea of fan control is absolutely painstaking. Something that hasn't been deployed successfully in the UK on a remotely comparable scale (or any scale).


Has anyone atctually spoken to some of our fans recently? Frightening. I hope they get no power.



In fact, sorry Hildy, it's not going to happen. End of story.

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