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Don't know if its age, but I don't get joy in seeing England lose as much as I used to. In the 90s there was odd occasion Id want them to win, and in certain sports I still do want them to win. When Beckham and Owen was in the team 10 years ago it was always nice to see them go out but I quite like this young attacking team.


But they have got it wrong from top to bottom. The FA (and Premier League) is ran by fat cats for business profits. Would the likes of Greg Dyke get a job as a coach somewhere? So why are they allowed to run the game if they are not footballing men? Because where the money goes and comes from (sponsors, TV, fan income and owners) football is a win win regardless of the result so as long as the income runs in they are doing a good job.


The FA and SFA should be ran or at least have footballing people running the game, and I don't mean ex players all the time, I mean football minded people. Roy Hodgson would be perfect fit at the top of the game running the FA with people like Bryan Robson, Trevor Brooking, Alan Curbishley. But as a manager he wasn't great at Liverpool and did ok with Fulham and West Brom but got the job as he wouldn't be a problem to those running it. Redknapp at the time took Spurs to the Champions league but is outspoken and likes his opinion so much like Brian Clough - he didn't get the job.


Hodgson made some poor tactical decisions, when you are chasing a goal to stay in a competition you sacrifice a midfielder or defender for a striker but he went like for like twice until they went behind 2-1 again.


The defence was poor bar Gary Cahill who was immense, the rest were awful. Even Joe Hart looked uncomfortable.


As for players and selected squad overall: Id have taken Ashley Cole all day long, begged John Terry to come, taken Gareth Barry on form over an injured Jack Wilshire and taken a striker like Defoe who could get any type of goal.

Really not sure what Jordan Henderson brings to the team and why he is picked when the class of Lampard is on the bench or the energy of Milner. I thought Lampard was excellent at Anfield in Chelsea's 2-0 win and hasn't played too many games so would fit nicely into that team. Milner is not a world beater but far more effective and gets back to help defend.


In saying that the future is bright. They have the bases of a good squad. Going into Euro 16 with Shaw, Flanagan, Stones, Gibbs, Jones (if fit), Cahill, Wilshire (if fit), Barkley, Ox-Chamberlain, Sterling, Lallana, Sturridge, Walcott, Rodriguez....gives them a young squad with good attacking options, yet they need a decent coach to mould them together.


For me England should have a look at getting Redknapp again. He would have taken Brendan Rodgers last time around but given his Liverpool role now he probably wouldn't take it, but someone like Paul Scholes should be brought in as assistant.

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I should have added, it was quite embarrassing to see a Scotland fan in with the Uruguay fans celebrating like Scotland had just beaten England when Suarez scored. He was wearing the away shirt with a flag around him and one of those stupid tartan hats with the ginger wig. How long will that mentality go on?


If I was offered a ticket id have taken it to sample the atmosphere and join in with the crowd but that's it.

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They're not quite out yet. It's within the realms of plausibility that Italy win their remaining games and England win 2-0 to qualify...


They need a big favour from Italy to beat Costa Rica and Uruguay. On paper it seems a good shout but I think its a tricky ask.

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Don't know if its age, but I don't get joy in seeing England lose as much as I used to.


It's probably just familiarity, mate. I mean, how often can you watch them build up a team of mediocrities just to watch them fall apart at the first test before it gets old?

Ok, nobody was talking about them winning it this time, but I heard mention of the quarters or semi finals. This crowd? The semi finals? Granted, there are a couple of exciting talents up front, but the rest of them would be better suited to giving children rides on Blackpool pleasure beach.

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Anyone know him?


A mystery Scot who caused a social media storm after celebrating Uruguay's winning goal against England has been named as Mark McConville from Glasgow.


The 41-year-old, who was dressed in the Scotland away top and a tartan hat and ginger wig, was seen on TV waving a Saltire and cheering with Uruguay fans.


It later emerged he had been donating football strips to children in Brazil.


Mr McConville was criticised by some England fans on social media sites after their team lost 2-1.


'Lookin' good'


His brother Damien McConville took to Facebook, however, to share a picture of him.


"The Tartan Army Fan partying with the Uruguayans is Mark McConville who brought lots of fitba strips for weans in the Amazon region," he said.


Another friend, Billy Mclaughlin said: "Mark McConville I just seen you on TV."


Carol Anne Barr said: "Lookin good cousin Mark!"


Some England fans, however, were not amused by the sight of a Scot celebrating their team's defeat and posted their thoughts on social media.


England's 2-1 defeat means Roy Hodgson's men have lost their opening two games and have only a slim chance of qualifying for the knock-out stages of the World Cup.

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Seems a bit celticy doesn't it? Don't they go abroad to party with fans of any team Rangers are playing against? They usually take fitba strips for the weans and sometimes fit out a whole General Hospital.

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Something doesn't seem right when a country like ours which hasn't qualified for a finals for sixteen years now seems more concerned with another country which always qualifies for finals.

If Scotland fail to qualify for Euro 2016 will it's followers finally wake up and realise the SFA isn't run for their national side but to look after the interests of one club in particular judging by the amount of representation it's has in the football governing bodies in this country

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