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End of WC for him. What a prick. Camera's from all angles and he feels the need to bite. Willie Woodburn had sin die for less.

He is so talented a footballer, why on earth does he feel the need to do that? It is assault! I just cannot get my head around the mentality.


If a kid did that in a playground there would be hell to pay. If you or I did it in any circumstances there would undoubtedly be court cases to follow.


He has shamed himself again.


Now let's watch FIFA and their puppet in chief do their little "it's all a conspiracy" routine. What a shower!!

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Deserves to be kicked out of the WC and have a 1 year ban in football, during that year he should be coaching kids. You cant bite someone once, 3 times when you are on 100k a week shows he needs rehab.

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Liverpool and Uruguay striker Luis Suarez faces two-year ban if found guilty in World Cup bite storm.


FIFA are probing the 
incident and could impose the maximum punishment of a 24-month ban from all 
football on the serial offender who appears to have completed a hat-trick of biting attacks on rivals.


a two-year worldwide ban after biting Giorgio Chiellini during his side’s win over Italy.


FIFA are probing the 
incident and could boot the striker out of the World Cup


if they impose the maximum punishment available of a 24-month ban from all 
football on the serial offender who has now completed a hat-trick of biting attacks on rivals.


Suarez bit Chiellini on the left shoulder, leaving teeth marks clearly visible in his flesh as Uruguay made the last 16 at Italy’s expense with a 1-0 win.


The incident was not seen by the ref but FIFA rules allows action to be taken retrospectively using video evidence.


A FIFA spokesman said last night: “We are awaiting the match reports and will gather all the necessary elements in order to 
evaluate the matter.”


The longest ban in 
World Cup history was eight games for Italy’s Mauro Tassotti for breaking the nose of Spain’s Luis Enrique in 1994.


But a sanction of either two years or 24 matches is available to FIFA and given 
Suarez’s previous record he could be hit with the 
ultimate sanction.


It is the third time Suarez has bitten an opponent.


The Liverpool striker was banned for 10 games in 2013 for biting Chelsea’s Branislav Ivanovic and in 2010, 
while at Ajax, he copped a seven-game ban for biting PSV’s Otman Bakkal.


Jim Boyce, Britain’s FIFA vice-president and head of FIFA’s referees committee, said: “I have watched the incident several times.


“FIFA must investigate the incident seriously and take whatever disciplinary action deemed necessary.”


Chiellini last night branded Suarez a “sneak” and called on FIFA to punish him.


He said: “It was ridiculous not to send Suarez off. He has a clear history of this.

Luis Suarez bite: Read Fifa's statement in full as authority opens disciplinary proceedings against striker

Luis Suarez bite: Live updates as FIFA open disciplinary proceedings against striker and Liverpool ponder next move


“It is clear-cut and then there was the obvious dive afterwards because he knew he’d done something he shouldn’t have.


“Suarez is a sneak and he gets away with it because FIFA want their stars to play in the World Cup. I would love to see if they have the courage to use video evidence against him.


“The referee saw the 
bite mark, too, but he did 
nothing about it.”


Italy boss Cesare 
Prandelli – who resigned immediately after the match – confirmed he had seen the bite marks.


He said: “I saw the 
bite-marks on his shoulder but the referee’s assistants didn’t see anything.”


Uruguay coach Oscar Tabarez said he did not see the incident and claimed Suarez was being unfairly singled out.


He said: “There is animosity against this player. There are people hiding behind the tree waiting for something to happen with him.


“Suarez, in addition to errors he may have made, is a target for certain sections of the media.”


And Uruguay skipper Diego Lugano said: “The worst of everything is the attitude of Chiellini.


“He’s a great player with an enormous status but it doesn’t correspond with a sportsmen leaving the field, crying and appealing against a rival. As a man, he disappointed me totally.”


TV pundits last night lined up to have a pop at Suarez. Alan Shearer said: “It is staggering, I could not believe it.


“The TV evidence is damning and if found guilty, FIFA should hammer him.


“He was found guilty at Ajax, found guilty at 
Liverpool and if found 
guilty here the punishment 
should be as much as they can give him.”


Robbie Savage said: 
“He should never play 
international football again as it’s a disgrace.”


Liverpool, meanwhile, are convinced their talisman is set to be hit 
with another lengthy ban.


The club will hold crisis talks today to discuss the future of their disgraced player, with the club owners holding a trans-Atlantic conference call with boss Brendan Rodgers.



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I reckon he doesn't normally bite people at home or in the street. Over here, some media folk said that this is some sort of mental issue, some uncontrolled irrational act he might not even be aware of. But that's for others to decide, it is rather strange indeed.

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How do you measure a bite or attemped bite/graze against a headbutt or a punch thrown ?


None of them have a place in society never mind a football pitch. Biting and spitting are the lowest of the low for me and cowardly acts.


FIFA need to clamp down on all things like elbowing etc using TV evidence.

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