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nearly 4hrs for the match.....yet footballers complain about playing more that 3 x 90min games in a 10 day period.


Plus 5 or 6 matches in the last 12 days before the final.


There was a discussion about this on here around a year ago about that, I was arguing how much more tennis players have to give.

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we should hire their fitness coaches


Tennis players actually don't run very much. In a match it's something like between 1 and 2 miles. For footballers it's between 6 and 7 miles...


Not saying it's any easier but it does help explain the ability to play for over 4 hours when footballers get cramp at 2 hours and getting to 8 or more miles.


We're also only usually looking at say the best 16 players in the world. For Rangers we're looking at players in top 10,000 or something. Probably lower than that.

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The likes of Nadal, Murray and Djokovic are real athletes, that's the main difference. Our players are basically just run of the mill woeful Scottish players.


Andy Murray would be at least twice as fit as anyone in our squad. He has a continental style to his conditioning.


Tennis is all about agility, strength and technique anyway.

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As already alluded to you're comparing the 1,2 and 5 in the world of one sport to those in another sport who would mostly struggle to get in the top 3000 of another sport. My figure notionally comes from thinking that there are at least 200 players in each of the top 15 leagues around the world that would be far better than ours. When you think further, that's a pretty conservative number when you take into account every league in the world.


But it's all apples and oranges anyway.

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