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Noticing there has been some fairly sizeable share trades recently...


Just over 50,000 sold today and several 10,000 buys at the end of last week.....


Some of the trades listed are cancelled trades so what looks like 3 buys of 10k are in fact only 1 trade, same with the 5k trades on June 25 what looks like 5 trades is only 1.


In saying that it certainly looks like we will see some movement though larger trades may well be delayed notification deals.

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Rangers first have bought 70,000 shares , the first batch of many i hope


Strange that it's not on their web site or in a press release?


But it's excellent news, implying they've spent about £20,000 and assuming they've kept to the plan only to invest half the money pending a rights issue (not sure if they would qualify) then they've taken in about £40,000 in about 4 months, which sounds about right - say 1,000 members at an average £10/month not counting Life Members.


However, that's only 0.1075% of the Company and at that rate it's going to take a helluva long time to have a meaningful holding "to get to the 5% ownership of a PLC that gives the Rangers First members some rights in relation to the Club" (even with the possibility of share donations); but it's a start as you say.


Interesting that the sales and purchases of the last two days have actually driven the price down 5% to 28.5p clealrly demonstrating that those buying and indeed selling in reasonable numbers get a better deal than those dealing in hundreds of shares.

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