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The interpretation of Clause 10 (g) "he has been disqualified as a director pursuant to the Company Directors’ Disqualification Act 1986 within the previous five years;" is obviously critical here.


There is no doubt that it is meant to mean was a disqualified director within the previous five years and I very much doubt that the SFA or thier lawyers thought that anyone would ever seek to interpet it as referring to the date of disqualification rather than the fact of disqualification. It may not even have crossed their minds that it didn't mean what they thought it meant.


Notwithstanding the comments about due diligence which McConville shows to be irrelevant, the SFA have questions to answer about the delay until October 2011 (if it is true that they didn't raise the issue before then) and the fact that they allowed the correspondence with Withey to drag on for four or five months until it was too late.

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Thats an excellent summation Frankie, it certainly echoes my own feelings as to who is ultimately culpable.


I certainly feel patronised by a media who urge us to "forgive, forget and move on" while failing to acknowledge their own failings and contribution to what became, as Alex Mooney correctly labelled in The Rangers Standard, - "the witch hunt which shamed Scotland". Quite simply they will never be able to understand the depth of our anger - had they taken a moment to "walk about in our shoes" during those dark days they would have had a better understanding of where we are coming from and why. - but of course the only shoes they were prepared to don were those of the blood fest as they laid boot after boot into our club.


It is with interest however I await the conclusion of the Police criminal enquiry into the breaches of confidentiality - Im hoping the successful identification and prosecution of some of those responsible will afford us some measure of "closure" at least. The conduct and behaviour of HMRC on a corporate level really does warrant a government led examination. They treated Rangers supporters and to an extent our club, with absolute disdain and contempt during the course of this investigation . And they continue to do so now . The conclusion of that Police enquiry will remove the shield they have been using to avoid answering questions or providing explanations into apparent failings at almost every level within their organisation.


They like the media have failed to understand the depth of anger which has been generated - it is an anger which will not subside, nor will the desire for answers. They will however understand fully, in the due course of time.

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D'art has highlighted failure to understand the depth of anger that has been generated. I may be wrong but I have never felt that the depth of anger was misunderstood. Instead, my feeling was that the media and some in the HMRC just didn't care and in some cases, welcomed our despair. An acknowledgement of their own failings and contributions. Just can't see that happening.

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I think said pressure would be easier to apply if we had a strong club and leadership behind us.


No doubt about it, but clearly we don't.


On the club side, what we do have is a club chairman more frighteningly pompous than Alfred Hitchcock and Somers is getting paid very handsomely for what exactly? Occasionally showing face and sticking his name at the bottom of the odd attack-minded statement aimed squarely at our club's own fans in efforts to defend the board and the people they represent? He certainly hasn't shown any signs of properly representing the club and it's fans. We've moaned about previous chairmen, but this guy Somers has to be the worst chairman of Rangers for decades, possibly ever.


What we also have is a CEO who seems better suited to politics and talking his way around awkward questions and/or situations than to the governance and running of Rangers, although I must admit that I haven't completely written Graham Wallace off just yet. It's more along the lines of let's see some action then because your words are meaningless without it.


We don't so as much as the fan-base seems united for the last day or two, I'm not sure the feel-good factor (for want of a better phrase) will last too long.


Aye, feel good factor maybe isn't the right phrase. I'm not so sure that there's really much in the way of the fanbase uniting either. It's probably more along the lines of common threads and just actually agreeing on something for a change. I think it might be prudent to not be too hasty with our interpretations of the whole situation though because this mess is far from over or even remotely nearing a conclusion.

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Normally I'd agree, but in this case it was a pretty fair assessment of the situation under discussion IMHO.


Such was his utter hatred of everything Rangers I won't even cut him that slack - even though he has passed on. Despicable bitter git he was.

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There is a price to pay for being the biggest and the best. Did anyone seriously believe that the fall of the giant would not be greeted by hilarity and glee? When the mighty is humbled, sympathy is rarely in evidence.


To fans of lesser light clubs, Rangers was the arrogant bully and long overdue for a fall. The fact that our crisis has been so drawn out and grim has poured fuel on the fire and incinerated the club's reputation for being influential and immortal.


Our secret is out now. We are vulnerable and weak and our hard-won reputation that had us marked out as being indestructible and permanent has gone, perhaps forever.


Fairness takes a back seat when an establishment pillar collapses. Who really cares if Rangers is the victim in this - apart from ourselves? If Manchester United had endured what we had, would the English football public be in mourning or would it instead be in fits of laughter?


It's probably true that the levels of hatred and venom directed towards Rangers are excessive, after all, we have Celtic fans in our midst, but if you are a football fan, and if you have travelled around Scotland following Rangers, don't tell me you are shocked by the way our situation has been greeted. Our pain is their gain. Facts? Who cares about facts?


It is impossible for Rangers to portray itself as a victim. What happened happened and pleading unfairness and criminality is not going to cut it. The double standard in Scottish broadcasting ensures that sympathy is reserved for the little guy - not institutions like Rangers that have lorded it over Scottish football for over a hundred years.


Maybe certain folk will do jail time for this, or perhaps not, but even if they do, it won't repair the damage done. When a club or institution is as big as we are, it is expected to sort itself out when a crisis comes along, and we have been singularly unable to do that.


Don't waste your energy on promises of revenge or threats to withdraw the 'blue pound'. Rangers was blown apart by our own negligence as much as the alleged criminality of others.


I'm not angry at all. I'm just saddened that we have been found out to be a castle built on sand.

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