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Phil McFournames take on yesterday's Appeal decision.

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Remember, the Donegal based fantasist has been all over the on going Rangers situation these last five years, like a rash. He has published a book, received the funds to publish another two(a novel and a revisionist history of the Irish in Scotland). He was welcomed on phone-ins, eulogised and lionised in turn, because he told the usual suspects what they needed to hear. Cosgrove and Spence were supporters, Radio Snyde's objective host of ra show, Jim Delahunt often introduced Phil as, 'a journalist who has built his own most substantial platform'. I wonder what their collective and individual take on Phil's ill-disciplined pronouncement on yesterday's Appeal result?


"The sequence of events that ended in June 2012 with the club established in 1872 lying in a lifeless heap at the bottom of the marble staircase was almost entirely created by important people at the top of said staircase".


Of course, the Ibrox Disaster analogy is most attractive to Phil et al. Again, please allow me to remind Gersnetters of Channel Four's Alex Thompson's YouTube sequence of John Greig's effigy stepping off the plinth and walking away, the strapline being, 'we don't do walking away'. Thompson was invited on to BBC Radio Scotland by Channel Four's Director for Diversity, Stuart Cosgrove to be coached through an apology for offence due to ignorance. It was an east 20 minutes for Alex as Stuart prompted him to a laughing conclusion. Two days later and a further two articles from Thompson had Rangers supporters continually referred to as, 'Daleks'. Notoriously, Dalek have problems with stairs.


A further reminder, Alex Thompson, the journo that patrolled the back streets of Baghdad, was brought to the Rangers story by constant pleading from Dearest Phil, Cosgrove, and Roy Greenslade.

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It's a real pity many of Scotland's better journalists have permitted 'foreign' counterparts to lead the way in the misinformation stakes.


Rangers hating or professional pride?

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He is by his own admission a sick bastard.


the fact that this reptile was given air time on Main stream media in Scotland tells you all you need to know about the state of journalism in this country.

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I find it amusing that his hatred has consumed the fucker to the point of madness. I think he writes his ditties for the dick sucking sycophants that reply to him. "marry me phil" - (Declan fae shiteybogs)

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It is no surprise to see all the usual suspects come out today and use the same party line, that it was all the fault of Rangers and Rangers alone and that we only reported the facts blah blah blah.


4names, Spiers and others all using this same sorry, and factually wrong, excuse so as not to apologise for calling us cheats. Spiers even repeats the notion that using LEGAL tax planning is cheating, because he (discredited sports journalist) says so, despite lots of highly educated, specialised law lords and experts all now coming out and saying there was nothing wrong with our use of these schemes. I wont hold my breath on the club calling him out to apologise for this comment alone, as the board will be happy of the sideshow to take some heat off them and their share options shambles.

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