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Did I hear the orange bloused presenter say Rangers were relegated and stripped of titles ? Could have misheard the last bit.


Otherwise what a waste of time. Pity it hadn't been Forlanss or Bluedell or BH or some other articuLate bloke with a bit of expertise to argue the case.


According to Haggerty Rangers didnaemwin the tax case, so they didn't . Fair enough. The HMRC appeal was for the most part refused. Slight difference but largely the same outcome. But, she says, there will still be money due to,the taxman so we'll all have to putmthatnin our pipes and smoke it. I reckon this dame has a future on Radio Bahgdad.

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Well he should have walked out then. BBC are well known for these antics. He would have been well within his rights to ask WTF is a rabid scum fan doing on a piece about Rangers and the tax man. She is no lawyer or tax expert, she is a biased piece of excrement, and he should have left them to their one-sided typical BBC Scotland Rangers story.


BTW, I never knew it was on and I havent watched it, nor would I have even if i knew it was on, given BBC's record in these events. Safe to say I wont be watching it back.

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Apparently Craig from SoS was led to believe he would be talking only to a presenter and Haggerty was ambushed upon him.


(An unsettling image)


I am going back several years, during my time on the RST Board.


We were succeeding in getting regular punches in, at the usual suspects including ra Bhoy in Corduroy. David Edgar was our media spokesman and he really riled Spiers. David was invited late afternoon to appear on BBC Radio Scotland's early evening football show(6-7pm). David agreed, a five minute interview over his mobile in Central Station, whilst travelling home from work. He was sat on a bench for 30 minutes in a public concourse, then the Producer told him he would be on in 30 seconds and announced Spiers was also in the studio. It was an ambush. Continually fighting with the interference of a busy railway station, straining to hear comments, and no control over timing of contribution; David struggled.


Craig Houston suffered similarly last evening and it shows the benefits of continuity of one, possibly two spokes persons.


If Houston was aware that Haggerty was to be on also, then her authors comments reference tying Rangers demise to the Ibrox Disaster the very same day, could have been trumpeted. Similarly, getting a punch in reference the Orwell Prize would have taken the initiative away from Haggerty. Sarah Smith(daughter of the late John Smith) was out her depth, Houston just about managed to maintain buoyancy, and Angela was allowed to appear to walk on water.

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Houston should be ashamed of himself. That is not a representative of our support, that is a fool. Why did the BBC not pick someone who can string a coherent sentence together? Or even challenge extreme anti-Rangers views? I think we all know why. He was hand picked and fell for it. Shame on him.

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