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THE Rangers Charity Foundation is delighted to share news from our International Charity Partner UNICEF on the ongoing difference our support has made in Togo, West Africa where we recently funded the renovation of 7 health centres, and helped equip a further 6.


The Foundation raised £200,000 in support of this project which helped UNICEF to strengthen the rights of children living in the poorest areas of Togo. The aim of the initiative was to ensure mothers and children had access to good quality health services, targeting three particular regions: Savanes, Kara and Maritime. These areas are three of the most affected and vulnerable in Togo where children die daily from preventable diseases and illness.


The funding also assisted with training health care professionals, providing transport, installing water and sanitation facilities and funding communication materials to educate the local communities on how to keep their children healthy.


The health centres we supported are now providing water and sanitation facilities and therapeutic feeding services for severely malnourished children and thanks to our new 3 year initiative with UNICEF – our ‘One In A Million’ campaign – we are building upon this amazing legacy and continuing to safeguard the futures of the world’s children by funding one million vaccines to fight preventable diseases. UNICEF uses vaccines where they are needed most, including in remote and deprived areas such as Savanes, Kara and Maritime in Togo, which are part of UNICEF’s world-wide immunisation programme.


Some of the amazing achievements made possible by our project in Togo include -


•An estimated 90,125 children under five years old have been able to access quality nutritional rehabilitation services as a direct result of the Foundation’s support. It is estimated that 1,500 people living close to the health facilities are now benefitting on a daily basis from the clean water point and sanitation facilities.


•Specialist training has been given to 150 health workers from Kara and Savanes on tackling severe to acute malnutrition. Five primary health centre units benefited from the staff training which has helped provide full geographic coverage of services for children with acute malnutrition in the most vulnerable regions.


•Three of the primary health care units (Solla, Korbongou, Assakondji) which did not have any transport also received a motorbike to allow staff to easily visit communities on a regular basis to provide support and promptly identify and diagnose illness in even the most remote areas.


•A new training manual for Community Health Workers has been developed on Key Family Practices to promote health messages to families. An estimated one million Togolese citizens will be reached through various communication channels. These manuals include information on exclusive breastfeeding, the use of mosquito nets, the use of oral rehydration salts and zinc in cases of diarrhoea, hand washing with soap, the use of latrines, immunisation and much more.


In total, just over 100,000 children in these areas have been supported by the Foundation, an achievement we can all be proud of. More children now have the chance to have a brighter, healthier future – thank you to everyone who has supported us and made this amazing project possible!


If you would like to find out more about our ongoing work with UNICEF, click here to read about the ‘One In a Million’ campaign and our partnership with the world’s leading children’s charity. If you would like to help support our work with UNICEF and our other charity partners, click here to find out how to get involved.



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