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MALCOLM Murray last night broke his silence on the current Rangers board and accused them of failing the club’s fans by not granting them security over Ibrox.


The former chairman hasn’t spoken out since the AGM in December when he and his fellow requisitioners, Paul Murray, Alex Wilson and Scott Murdoch failed to oust the under-fire regime.


But Murray is now fully behind fans’ group Sons of Struth who marched to Ibrox in protest yesterday at the board’s refusal to give legally-binding assurances that Ibrox will not be sold or leased.


Murray believes Gers chief executive Graham Wallace is powerless due to a split at the top of the marble staircase.


After the 3000-strong rally yesterday, Murray told MailSport in a statement endorsed by Wilson: “It is now seven months since the AGM.


“We have maintained a dignified silence to give Wallace a chance but he is being hamstrung by a board that is neither culturally or corporately equipped for the challenge at Gers.


“Fans have been treated with a level of disrespect that would be unprecedented in any other consumer industry.


“Why will the board not give legally-binding assurances over Murray Park and Ibrox?

“We support the SoS march. We are also fearful over potentially distressing sale and leasebacks of both the stadium and the training ground.


“New investment is required urgently. The incumbent board said they had new investors waiting pre-AGM but it hasn’t materialised.


“The so-called corporate governance has seen the club lurch from one disaster to the next – and it appears

unprecedented that such poor performance would not result in resignations.


“This regime appear to be be backed by the original Charles Green and Imran Ahmad investors, desite claiming that they are new.


“The fans clearly don’t want them as illustrated by the march and numerous red card protests in recent months.


“I’m convinced that the blue chip institutions will not ‘reload’ without a new board in place.”


Sons of Struth chief Craig Houston was delighted with the turnout of fans for the protest march between Kinning Park and Ibrox.


He’s convinced there are now serious cracks within the Rangers board – and claimed they will never win the battle with the disgruntled fans.


He said: “We had around 3000 people on the march which was terrific considering the severe weather. It was also the Fair Friday holiday so it was fantastic support.


“John Brown joined us at the start and Nacho Novo met us at the end, a real boost for supporters. It’s great to see ex-players, legends at the club, supporting the fans’ efforts.


“The board have said there have been 17,000 season-ticket renewals but having spoken to many of those people I’ve found it difficult to find any of them who trust this board.


“So buying a season-ticket isn’t an endorsement of this board.


“There is still a huge chunk of supporters who feel disengaged and want security given over Ibrox. We’re asking for legal assurances.”

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As I said elsewhere, such a legally binding agreement need to be worth more than the paper it is written on. Else it is rather pointless ... or carries no more value than the statements of the board to the same topic. What you would like to know about such an agreement is: who are the parties concerned, is there a legal back-up, and what might be the consequence if (essentially just) one party fails to hold onto it?

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If the board sign the stadium over to fans they literally can not sell it.


Legally binding......


As you have been told repeatedly by various people on here, there is no mechanism to do that because there is no one corporate body that represents "the fans" even if the Board were minded to do it which they have said quite cleearly they are not.

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As you have been told repeatedly by various people on here, there is no mechanism to do that because there is no one corporate body that represents "the fans" even if the Board were minded to do it which they have said quite cleearly they are not.


We will see. Other clubs manage it you shouldn't believe board propaganda.

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