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I remember just after the AGM he was interviewed and asked about what the future would hold for the requisitioners given their failure to get on the board. He was rather dismissive of the term 'failure' and said that it was a partial success given the changes made following their efforts to drive change etc.


He was asked 'whats' next?' and his response was that he was going to spend the holiday period with his family and then return in the new year and consider the situation.


I also have heard no more since then - which i almost expected. However we have heard a few bits from Malcolm Murray recently so perhaps the requisitioners are still keeping their eyes on the situation.

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Both Malcolm and Paul, more so Paul, are in touch with King.


They can be in touch with DK all they like but until they get themselves a substantial shareholding or persuade enough of the current shareholders to elect them instead of the current board they will have no part to play in Rangers.

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I have heard from reliable sources that he is the Devil. And is currently the main man behind FF, SOS, RAOB, IBS and IVF.


Watch this space - I have also been told he is responsible for even more secretive acronyms.


I'll keep my ear to the grindstone and my nose to the the ground. Hurts like hell but I'll persevere.


TIAWU! No really TIAWU!

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To be honest both him and Malcolm Murray appeared absolutely useless in their positions but I'd have them back in a heart beat compared to what we currently have. I always found it strange when you had people so firmly fixed in certain camps. Talking about 'rebels' makes me cringe. Personally I just want a competent board and ownership structure with a long term development plan.

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