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The Board won't/can't sack Ally.


We must endure.


I went firm on my growing opinion in the immediate aftermath of the Ramsdens cup final. Within several yards of Easter Road, I turned to my mates and agreed with their settled will. On the bus on the way back, the name, 'Long Ball Ally' was coined and so far this season, that name continues.

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He looks shattered quite often and it's probably for multiple reasons.


He's been under a lot of stress over the past couple of years, especially during a large chunk of 2012.


Then there's the nights oot at the karaoke 'n' that. :onetoomany:

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Football is a fantastic sport and I think it was Pele who described it as 'the beautiful game'.


Is it beautiful at Ibrox? No, it's not.


Is it pretty then? Again, no.


Is it interesting and with just enough character to be attractive in its own unique way? Sadly, no.


Is it ruggedly handsome then in masculine fashion? No, quite the opposite.


What is it then?


It is ugly, submissive football. If it was a car, it would be a clapped-out jalopy; if it was a plane, it would be Howard Hughes' Spruce Goose; if it was a boat, it would be a leaky rowing boat with one oar; if it was a building, it would be boarded up and derelict; if it was a girl it would be a wallflower and if it was a politician, it would be John Prescott.


Down Ibrox way, Mr McCoist has removed the beauty and artistry from football and replaced it with fear, bland, boring and tedious - while incorporating an old folks' home into the home dressing room.


Football at Ibrox barely resembles football at all. It is a grotesque Frankenstein creation that should be for undiscerning adults only. Taking children to witness this is tantamount to child abuse.


To the uninitiated, here are a few words of advice if curiosity gets the better of you and a trip to Ibrox is on the cards. It should really be on a sign next to the turnstiles.



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