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A wee story my wife has told me about her Great Gran and her family.


Her two sons joined the Argyles and went to war, they came home once on leave. The kilts were washed and washed trying to get the lice out of the pleats, then the red hot iron kept being put on the lice to kill them. Can you imagine how a mother would feel about her sons living in these conditions.


The first was killed at the Somme in August 1916, the second son was killed in 1917 neither body was ever identified. This meant the lady lost her two sons, and asking for some pension she was told no body no money.


My wife only knows of her as an old bitter woman who hated her Country, can you blame her ?

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My father and his four brothers came through it almost unscathed.


Another family in the town lost all four sons.


forget the Clearances, WW1 was the worst thing ever to happen to Scotland. And not only here. It can be heartbreaking when you stop for lunch in a small village in France or Germany and see half the adult population wiped out. What a criminal waste that war was. Possibly the most wasteful, pointless war ever - and we don't seem to have learned diddly squat from it

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If anyone is due to go on holiday or a long drive soon I'd highly recommend downloading Dan Carlin's podcast series Blueprint For Armageddon which gives a complete account of the lead up, context and events of the 1st & 2nd Word Wars. They are quite lengthy (approx 2.5 hours each episode) but worth the time.



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