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Also the valuation placed on him the last time was FAR too low - just over £1m I think.


We'd be extremely lucky if we could even get £1m for him at the moment. We paid £1.5m when we were still in the top flight and that was a fair price, but as soon as we went into admin then down to the 4th tier his £1.5m (maybe £2m tops) value almost completely disappeared.


We might have valued him at £1.2m or something last season, but we were never getting that much, so we were over-pricing him. With the clubs well publicised ongoing financial issues and cash shortage, I think we'd be lucky to get 7 or 8 hundred grand for him.

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Couldnt disagree more. He is always busting a gut up and down the touchline.. look at the Hearts game on Saturday, chasing dead balls.


Maybe so and fair enough. On general this season I doubt that he reached his own high standards that often though. And before people get that wrong, it is not "bad-mouthing" him before a possible transfer, just a hurting gut feeling after watching him that way time and again.

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We should be demanding 5 for him.


There's brass necks and then there's brass necks! :D


We could only price a player like Wallace above £2m if we were back in the top flight. Like I say though, at the moment he's worth peanuts (under a million!) because clubs sniffing around for bargains all know that we're skint.

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