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Speed Camera Cops in Unmarked Car

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Seems fair enough. I'm with the cops on this one.


If you're going to speed you don't attach a big sign to your car sayng "watch me, I'm speeding", so why should the cops be forced to make themselves visible just so that speeders can slow down for three hundred yards before racing off again?


The Cops should make themselves visible because 'thems the rules'.


You can't enforce the rules by deliberatly and sleekitly breaking others.

Amongst other things it probably defeats the objective in a court situation.



There may be a case for it under certain circumstances that are considered of sufficient immediate import but such situations must be 'extreme'.

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I don't think drivers should break the speed limit as often as they do, but I don't agree with cops doing this either, just as I don't agree with them hiding their marked traffic police cars in spots which hide them from most oncoming motorists and that's something they do on a regular basis.


If they really want to deter people from speeding, then the answer isn't hiding themselves so that they can catch the odd speeder and write tickets, it's to make themselves visible at ramdom spots on a regular basis so that large numbers of drivers see that speed traps are popping up all over their town or city and decide it's more sensible not to take the risk.

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The thing about speeding is that it's an invented and arbitrary offence. Speed doesn't cause accidents, inappropriate speed does; however, even that's not the biggest cause of accidents, which I believe is tailgating for which there is no fixed offence.


You have to ask if mild cases of speeding are always so bad, why do so many countries have higher speed limits? It's completely arbitrary which is why I think speed cameras are wrong - they punish people indiscriminately and you have to wonder if something like tailgate cameras would save more lives - but even then it's about the situation.


We need a way of preventing over use of speed that doesn't just alienate most of the population - and raising the speed limit on clear sections of motorway would be a start, but unmarked cards seem to be worse in this regard.


I think it would be far better to have most people not using excessive speed because it's the right thing to do, rather than because they could be sneaked up on and punished severely.

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