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I find it sad that a club which has vain aspirations to be a major club should have fans that are so small-minded that they can't have an identifying flag without a hateful reference to another club that the pea-brained in their midst are obsessed by and infatuated with.


Fingers are frequently pointed in our direction when it comes to negative aspects of football fan behaviour, but this flag is a reminder that Glasgow doesn't have a monopoly on it.


How painful it must be to follow a club whose infatuation with another has overtaken it and substantially diminished it. I don't feel anger for these people - just pity.

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What's the big deal ?


Scottish Football is generally an unimaginative and uninspiring hatefest.


I think Ian's posted it more because it's funny and makes the fans who made it look daft more than anything to do with it being a big deal.

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ASC - that would be aberdeen soccer casuals. You know one of those effed up thug asshole groups that blighted scottish football years ago. What else would you expect from pond life!

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