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League Cup Draw : Falkirk v Rangers/ICT (plus seeding talk)

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I agree but i am very much concerned about our defense of late. We are struggling a bit here with Mohsni showing his bombscare attributes once again. Will Cammy Bell be back in time for this tie? Hope so as i am never assured about Simonsen in goals.


Aye, our defense and goalkeeping are certainly a bit of a worry when you look at some of the needless goals we've been conceding.

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The Daily Mail's Michael Gannon has his own views on the draw ... and forgets the Yahoos friendly that had them start the SPFL later, their (!) ominous friendly tour to Japan in 2008 that made any rescheduling of our (!) final SPL fixtures impossible due to "sporting integrity". Yeah, for some the pendulum swings just one way ...


Michael Gannon: SPFL attract more criticism after big draw shambles


IN the wake of the League Cup third round draw MICHAEL says the SPFL have left themselves wide open to criticism if Ally McCoist's men beat Inverness and land one of the eight ranking positions.


THERE’S an old journo saying that if a dog bites a man it’s not a story, mainly because it happens all the time.


If a man bites a dog? Now, that’s a tale.


That’s how it’s starting to feel about this lot at the SPFL.


It looks they’ve made an a*** of the League Cup draw. Hands up who’s surprised.


Cue one hand raised at the back of the class but only from the grotty kid who hasn’t heard the question and just wants to use the lavvy.


We’re at the stage now it would be more of a story if our game’s governors got something right.


SPFL in running a tournament properly shock.


Hold the back page.


Yet again our game’s pen pushers have surpassed themselves.


Despite having just the nine years to prepare for the Commonwealth Games coming to Glasgow, it still managed to launch a spanner in the works of the League Cup.


The first-round date on August 2 was when Ibrox was out of commission due to the international egg chasing.


No probs. Just let Rangers play a friendly in England and we’ll catch up later. Erm, perhaps not.


Putting it off has run them into real bother.


Turns out the ties are in knots, the draws have been squashed up like an accordion and now the whole competition is out of tune.


Rangers are a round behind and now face Inverness for a place in the last 16. Shouldn’t be a problem.


At least it wouldn’t be if they waited until all second-round ties were completed so they could pick out the seeds and move on accordingly.


But that’s too much like commonsense.


Instead, the draw gets done before the Gers v ICT clash and now all hell could break loose.


The winner of that tie will now be seeded.


If it’s Inverness who progress then fine, they would have been anyway.


But if Rangers get through they will get to land one of the eight ranking positions and avoid the likes of Celtic, Aberdeen and Dundee United.


Ah. Better get the seat belts fastened chaps and the crash helmets on. You’re in for a bumpy ride. The SPFL have left themselves wide open here. Clubs will claim Rangers are being given a leg up while some other poor lot get hit with a snider.


There’s no guarantees Rangers will manage to get past Inverness, of course, but if they do there’s going to be bedlam.


Sound familiar?


There’s that dug biting man again. It was so typical and yet so avoidable.


Make Rangers play the Queen’s Park tie earlier.


The match was away anyway so it could have been played on the original date.


Either that or wait until the end of the Inverness game to make the draw.


It’s shouldn’t be that difficult.


But here we go again.


Fans will shout conspiracy, that toe-curling phrase “sporting integrity” will reappear. But it’s not a conspiracy. A conspiracy involves proper planning – this is just incompetence.


We should be used to it by now. The SPFL don’t even seem embarrassed any more by the fact the League Cup hasn’t had a sponsor for the last three seasons.


Mind you, this is the mob who rebooted the entire Scottish leagues without a backer on board.


We are still waiting for a new title sponsor.


It has been in the pipeline so long they are starting to sound like a Spanish plumber who will fix the leak manana.


Now they can’t even get the fixtures right.


Even leaving the Rangers issue aside, it was daft to ram the League Cup in on a Champions League night.


Never mind dog bites man, they’ve turned the competition into a dog’s dinner.

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Some 14 minutes of Tuesday night's game, courtesy of the Russian Bears. Scroll down and wait a moment or two.


The cheer at the end when the scum's result came through :laugh2:


looks like we dominated and created a right few chances


haste ye back cammy bell though , simonsen is a donkey - a nothing game really with nothing to do and he's capable of that sort of error? just dreadful.

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Are Rangers seeded 23rd based on actual results or is it because they wiped our previous record? I struggle to believe we're the 23rd team based on (say) the last 5 season's results.


The point is that giving us 23rd would be skewing the seeding anyway, and the top 8 is a correction which actually *increases* the "sporting integrity" of the competition.


I think too many people are totally forgetting what the seeding system is really all about and instead getting bogged down in the flawed methods...

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